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Wat is ketamine en wat doet het?

Ketamine, is een pijnstiller die gebruikt wordt bij mensen en dieren.

Ketamine, staat ook wel bekend als: Special K, Vitamine K, Keta, K of Ket.

Het wordt gebruikt als narcose middel, en bij operaties als pijnstiller, voor zowel mens als dier.

Een bijwerking van het narcose middel Ketamine, is het hebben van hallucinaties, tijdens de narcose.

Daarom wordt er tegenwoordig, vaak voor een ander middel gekozen, bij operaties.

De legale vervanger Ketamine als alternatief naar het narcosemiddel PCP

Ketamine werd uitgevonden in 1962, toen er een alternatief naar het narcose middel PCP werd gezocht.

Dit gebeurde omdat het middel pcp veel bijwerkingen bleek te hebben.

Naast dat Ketamine voor medische doeleinden wordt gebruikt, wordt het ook misbruikt als drug.

De effecten van Ketamine bij recreatief gebruik zijn:

  • Verdoofd gevoel
  • Dromerig
  • Misselijkheid
  • Evenwichtsproblemen
  • Hallucinaties
  • Dissociatie
  • Moeheid
  • Blackout
  • K- Hole

Manieren van de drug ketamine nemen als pijnstiller voor mensen

Ketamine wordt illegaal aangeboden in poedervorm, in de R vorm, en de S vorm.

Een andere manier van consumptie is het middel keta in vloeibare vorm injecteren.

Dit leidt vaak wel sneller tot een verslaving, mensen worden afhankelijk van het middel,

en moeten regelmatig gebruiken, om zich weer goed te voelen.

Resistance after some use of Ketamine

The more one abuses Ketamine, the more resistance is built up.

When someone just starts using Ketamine, they will need a lower dosage than,

one who uses the drug more often.

Doses are difficult to estimate, which is why accidents sometimes happen with the drug Keta.

After time is up, tolerance will build to a higher dose.

Towards which the hallucinogenic and dissociative effects worsen.

At too high a dose, users can go into a coma, or a K hole.

A K hole, the mental consciousness is separated

A K hole is when the user experiences a separation between mind and body, also called dissociation.

The feeling is then as if you are stepping out of your body, but everything is happening in your head.

Users may feel like they have had a near-death experience.

They may not be able to talk or move, and think they are going into a tunnel of light.

Users are also almost unaware of their surroundings,

and have the feeling of being in another world.

Ketamine is widely used at festivals, as it makes people feel freer to dance,

which is why the drug has risen in popularity.

The feeling of physical separation from movement, which makes dancing more fun.

People are at risk of becoming mentally dependent on Ketamine, and this can lead to addiction.

Ketamine replacement 2-FDCK in combination with other drugs

It is not recommended to combine Keta with other narcotics or drugs such as Valium, GHB, and alcohol.

When people try this anyway, the narcotic effects only get stronger,

and there is a greater chance of inducing a coma.

The mental awareness thus becomes less and less, until a dangerous situation arises.

Ketamine as a medication for depression

Research and treatment has already been done, where persons with depression, are prescribed ketamine as a medication.

The effect can be compared to the known antidepressants, which can sometimes take weeks or longer.

That with R Ketamine, or S ketamine as medicine within a few hours or days, it can already have an effect.

Several studies

The effects are different in various studies, therefore no concrete decisions have been made yet.

When this conversation and research does become complete, Ketamine may appear as a drug as a spray.

That is, it will not be in powder form, and would have to be taken in a type of drug related manner.

We absolutely do not urge use of Ketamine or any other drug!

In addition to being illegal to trade, possess or manufacture in the Netherlands,

there are quite a few risks with recreational use.

Therefore, we do not recommend a Ketamine replacement.

De risico’s van Ketamine gebruik zijn:

  • Mental dependence
  • Addiction
  • Anxiety
  • Urological problems
  • Unconsciousness
  • Getting accidents
  • Hurting yourself without realizing it at first, because Ketamine is actually a heavy narcotic
  • Sleeping can be quite difficult

The Substitute for Ketamine: 2-FDCK

2-Fluorodeschloroketamine or Fluoroketamine is related to Ketamine,

and provides a dissociative anesthesia.

We sell it as Research Chemical, and promote absolutely no consumption of this drug,

we also don’t want to encourage anyone to use ketamine.

Fluor-ketamine and normal ketamine

The difference with ketamine and 2-FDCK, or Fluoroketamine is that it is legal to buy and possess and use for research purposes.

With us you can safely buy 2-FDCK as Research Chemical !

For that, you can use our website: Research Chemicals Team to order.

By various lab results, we can guarantee that you will get the highest quality of products.

Some other vendors’ offerings sometimes fluctuate a bit, where as ours are consistent.

Use of 2-FDCK

When one does use it for recreational purposes, the following things can happen

  1. Euphoric feeling
  2. Difficulty controlling movements
  3. Not getting to sleep
  4. Hallucineren
  5. Pain relief
  6. Disorientation

Dosages of 2-FDCK

Dhe dosage starts at 5mg, and can go up to 140+mg for heavy use.

It takes about 15 to 50 minutes until it takes effect, and the peak 50 to 100 minutes.

The after-effects can still be experienced 3 hours after use, and last for up to 8 hours.

Human consumption of 2-FDCK is not without its risks, which is why we do not recommend consumption.

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