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Research Chemicals Team
Het Research Chemicals Team (RCT) is in 2019 opgericht door de samenwerking tussen 2 erkende chemici en een aantal professionele en enthousiaste web-ontwikkelaars. Vanaf 2013 bestond het voornaamste werk van de 2 chemici uit het produceren en leveren aan onderzoekers in de biochemische sector van zeer gespecialiseerde en complexe organische moleculen. De web-ontwikkelaars hebben sinds 2009 inmiddels een veelvoud aan webshops achter hun naam staan. Dankzij deze unieke samenwerking ontstond het RCT en hopen we onze hoogwaardige producten via deze webshop aan meerdere research chemical liefhebbers aan te bieden.
Research Chemicals Team
The Research Chemicals Team (RCT) was established in 2019 through the collaboration of 2 licensed chemists and a number of professional and enthusiastic web developers.

From 2013, the main work of the 2 chemists consisted of producing and supplying researchers in the biochemistry sector with highly specialised and complex organic molecules.

Since 2009, the web developers have had a multitude of web shops behind their names. Thanks to this unique cooperation, the RCT was born and we hope to offer our high-quality products to more research chemical enthusiasts via this web shop.


Welcome to the leading Research Chemicals Online Webshop of Europe.

All our products are lab tested and are the purest of them all!

All our products come with a pdf file with the lab results.

Large groups of people prefer 3MMC because of its “positive effects”.

“positive effects”, with this you can say that of all research chemicals

3MMC is currently the most used chemical for research purposes.

When you order before 16:00, we will ship your order the same day!

All our orders are shipped quickly, safely and discreetly.

(This applies to all Designer Drugs & Research Chemicals)



On our website you can order 3-MMC ”3 methylmethcathinone´´

The 3MMC we offer is of the highest possible quality and also lab tested.

Because of our many years of experience, we have all our products tested within a lab.

This way we can guarantee the highest purity and quality.

With every product description of the Research Chemical in question –

you will find a downloadable .PDF file with the lab results.

Buying 3-MMC safely has never been easier.

From 3-MMC powder to 3-MMC crystals, R.C.T. has it all!

Pay attention to the site where you want to buy 3MMC “3 methylmethcathinone”.

Unfortunately there are a number of sites that offer inferior quality 3MMC.

3-MMC Poeder

What is 3-MMC “3 Methylmethcathinone”?

3-MMC is also called Meow Meow, because its precursor 4-MMC was previously called QAT.

In the UK 4-MMC was also called CAT, after which mainland Europe changed it to QAT.

QAT is pronounced as CAT, hence the word meow meow.

3-MMC is the synthetic form of QAT. QAT is a drug that is forbidden in the Netherlands!

(Because the QAT effect is very similar to that of cocaine).

According to users of 3-MMC powder, the effect of 3-MMC is similar to a mix of cocaine and XTC.

Therefore we do not offer 3-MMC for human consumption, but strictly for research purposes.

Please note! 3-MMC is a legal Research Chemical and not a banned drug.


4-MMC as Research Chemical

Research Chemicals including 4-MMC (Mephedrone) are also known as designer drugs.

Unfortunately we do not currently offer 4-MMC (Mephedrone) in the RCT webshop,

 because 4-MMC (Mephedrone) is considered an illegal drug in the Netherlands since 2018.

Before 2018, 4-MMC (Mephedrone) was legally available in the Netherlands.

Fortunately, its successor is currently legally available:

Namely the above mentioned 3-MMC “3 methylmethcathinone”.


Buying 3-MMC powder or 3-MMC crystals?

Should you decide to buy 3-MMC powder or 3-MMC crystals

we recommend you to first read the following blogs with more information about 3-MMC.

Explanation of the general 3-MMC effect

 What is the Usual 3-MMC Dosage? 

The combination of 3-MMC and Sexuality

Check the menu to see which Research Chemicals you can still legally buy.

Every month the RCT adds the newest legal Research Chemicals.

Do you have a Research Chemical (RC) you would like to see added to this shop?

Let us know and who knows, your favourite may be listed next month.

Please send us a message!

Research Chemicals Kopen

Want to buy Research Chemicals for the best price and quality?

3MMC or other research chemicals, we have it all!

We regularly publish blogs about existing and new products.

Our professional team processes the combination of customer experiences

and our own research into informative blogs which can be read here:

Research Chemicals Kopen

Why would you only BUY 3-MMC?

At RCT you can not only buy 3-MMC Powder or 3-MMC Crystals

You can also buy other Research Chemicals safely at RCT.

Research Chemicals can be divided into a number of subcategories.


oa: 4-FMPH | ETHYL-HEX | 3-MMC

♦  Psychedelica

oa:  1CP-LSD | 1P-LSD | AL-LAD | LSZ

♦ Sedatives

oa: Flualprazolam | Clonazolam | Diclazepam

♦ Dissociatives:

oa: 2-FDCK | 3-MEO-PCP

Please note! All the products we sell are not listed in the Opium Act!
Before you buy a product, we advise you to check whether the product is legal.
The possession of prohibited products can be punished in certain countries.

3-MMC Europe or other countries

Buying 3-MMC to your own country is very easy via RCT.

If you order today before 4 p.m. – it will be sent the same day.

Please note that 3-MMC or other Research Chemicals

to Belgium and/or Luxenburg can take between 3-5 working days.

Each European country has its own delivery times.

(Check with your local postal service for Research Chemicals delivery times)

More info about buying Research Chemicals

Our customer service is available from Monday to Friday for all questions about Research Chemicals.

Our specialised support team will answer all your questions about 3-MMC or other RC.

Warnings and additional information:

Always use 3-MMC or other RC in a safe environment!

Make sure your RC’s never come in contact with open fire or extreme heat!

Research Chemicals including 3MMC, 2-FDCK, Etizolam or other RC’s could harm your health.

You can buy 3-MMC directly in the webshop after placing an order.

You can possibly expect your 3-MMC order the very next day!

3-MMC Credit Card

Different suppliers of Research Chemicals

In the past you had to go to a ‘shady dealer’ to get RCs, but nowadays it is quite easy.

Nowadays, you can easily look up most RCs on the RCN site via google.

You can find extra info on this recognised RCN site on our website.

Make sure you always buy your Research Chemicals from an authorised shop that openly displays their lab results.

95% of our customers are satisfied and come back

Buying RCs? We always have great offers in our shop.

This makes us the best, fastest and cheapest RC shop in Europe!

Designer Drugs sales list:

1cP-LSD 100MCG Blotters
1P-LSD 100MCG Blotters
2-FDCK Powder
2-FMA Crystal
2-METHYL-AP-237.HCL Crystal
3-FPM Powder
3-MMC Crystal
3-MMC Powder
4-FMA Powder
4F-MPH Powder
5-CL-ADB-A Powder
5F-MDMB-2201 Powder
6-APB (succinate) Powder
AL-LAD 150MCG Blotters
A-PHP Powder
A-PiHP Crystal
Clonazolam Pills 1MG
Clonazolam Powder
Clonazolan 0,5MG Blotters
Diclazepam Pills 2,5MG
Diclazepam Powder
Ethyl-Hex Crystal
Ethyl-Hex Powder
Ethyl-Pentedrone (NEP) Crystal
Ethyl-Pentedrone (NEP) Powder
Etizolam 1MG Blotters
Etizolam Pills  1MG
Etizolam Powder
JWH-210 Powder
LSZ 100MCG Blotters
O-DSMT Powder

There are currently a great many different kinds of RCs available.

New RCs are added every month, so it is impossible for us to offer all RCs.

We sell the most popular RCs in our Research Chemicals webshop.

All our RCs are lab tested and safe to use for research.

  Flunitrazolam Bestellen


RC drugs are also called Research Chemicals.

RC cannot be compared to drugs, because 3MMC and other RC’s are completely legal.

RC’s can be ordered safely and legally in our Research Chemicals webshop.

It is not illegal to have RC in your pocket, nor is storing or selling it.

However, making and/or producing RCs is prohibited!

Cookies and privacy

RCT webshop uses cookies for marketing purposes.

We will never use your private data!

Please send our customer service an email if you still want to remove your data.

We store our customer data in an encrypted database using the SSL encryption method.

Because we use this method you can be sure that our customer database is 100% safe.