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One of the legal drugs we offer in our range is 1p-lsd, a new research chemical that is increasing in popularity.

On our website we sell many different types of designer drugs and the drug 1p-lsd belongs to new products on our website.

In this blog we talk about 1p-lsd and we answer all your questions about these research chemicals, read on!

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What are Research Chemicals?

Designer drugs is another name used for the term research chemicals. These drugs are so named because they are new on the market and because little or no research has been done on them.

With these research chemicals they try to imitate the effects of other party drugs that are used at a festival, for example, such as cocaine, LSD, amphetamine and ecstasy.

Are research chemicals legal?

These drugs can be made simply because the raw materials of these drugs are still legal or because this drug has not yet been banned.

In more and more countries, these drugs are subject to a different legal prohibition. In Europe alone, 41 new types of designer drugs were found in 2011.

Bought online

Research chemicals are often bought over the internet.

One of these research chemicals that we could talk more about is the drug 1P-LSD 

1P-LSD is widely used, for example, in the Netherlands as a replacement for speed or each other MDMA.

Buying 1P-LSD  is therefore legal and not prohibited.

Using designer drugs is strongly discouraged, those who try to do so run a health risk.

About the psychedelic drug LSD 

LSD is an abbreviation for d-lysergic acid diethylamide and is a very potent tripping agent. It was designed in 1938 on the basis of an ergot fungus. Albert Hofmann, a chemist who worked for a pharmaceutical company, was looking for a drug and was therefore doing tests with Ergot compounds. Ergot compounds are fungi on grains. LSD proved unsuccessful as a medicine, but in 1943 Mr Albert Hofmann discovered ‘accidentally’ that it did work as a psychedelic drug. The drug LSD-25 was a fact. The number refers to the fact that the trip agent was the 25th test product.

The psychedelic drug and tripping agent LSD became very popular during the `flower power’ period in the 60s and 70s. After that, usage declined. Although the popularity of LSD seems to be increasing, LSD is used much less in the Netherlands than XTC and other party drugs. LSD is popular among the real connoisseurs.

LSD is usually available in the form of a paper trip. Papertrips are colorfully printed edible pieces of paper that you can eat. The LSD is sprayed on there in a thin layer. LSD also occurs as ‘microdots’ or liquid LSD.

How is the psychedelic drug LSD used?

LSD is taken by mouth. A seal is placed on or under the tongue or swallowed.
Under the tongue, it works faster than when swallowed. When swallowing, you notice the effects after about half an hour, but this can also take longer before it really starts to work. When it is put under the tongue, you notice the effects of this very strong and fine psychedelic drug earlier. This is because LSD is then absorbed directly through the mucous membranes in your mouth.

Microdots are taken with water or simply swallow. Liquid
LSD and LSD powder can be dissolved in water and drunk. However you take this very strong and potent psychedelic piece of magic, get ready for a mind-blowing and colorful adventure.

How long does the psychedelic drug LSD last?

How long LSD will work is difficult to say because of course it depends on how much you take, how much you weigh, what your favorite color is or how you spread your sandwich. What we are trying to say is that there are many factors that can influence the overall duration of action of this psychedelic drug.

The guideline is about 8 hours, but LSD can sometimes continue to work for 12 to 16 hours.

What effects can you expect from an LSD trip?

strength of an LSD trip really depends on the dose. With a light LSD trip you are kind of high and you can easily control your thoughts and emotions. With a stronger trip this disappears and there is almost no control anymore. The trip proceeds in waves. Thinking is often highly associative and seems to go in circles. After the quick start you come to a plateau from which peaks of trip experiences arise. After these peaks you are on the trip plateau for some time and then slowly the normal world returns. This whole process can take several hours. Reality is seen, felt, experienced and judged differently during the trip. Users have creative insights in which someone sees that he or she and the environment are completely different from what is normally thought. The doors of perception have been opened. LSD is one of the wonders of the world.

The expected effects
  • Energetic and euphoric feeling.
  • Enhancement of emotions and feelings.
  • Fast succession or simultaneous experience of all kinds of thoughts and feelings.
  • Experience feelings that you are normally not aware of.
  • Religious or mystical experiences.
  • In the perception of the LSD user, the boundaries between the person himself and the environment can become weaker, be experienced differently or disappear completely. Common ways of acting and reacting are considered irrelevant or crazy.
  • The senses (seeing, hearing, smelling, feeling, tasting) are experienced more intensively and can overlap. Someone sees sound and tastes the colors. Often someone sees beautiful patterns.
  • The perception of time is different. Time often creeps or stands still.
  • A trip is unpredictable. The intense positive feelings can turn so that negative feelings get the upper hand.
    The same trip can evoke intense positive and negative feelings.
  • Intense panic.
  • Terror of death
  • Acute psychoses
  • Loss of sense of one’s own personality
  • Fear that the terrifying trip is real and will not pass
  • Feeling like time stands still
  • Seeing small and large critters
  • Enhancing unpleasant feelings
  • Less or no control over emotions and behavior
  • Very painful or sad feelings
  • Terrifying religious experiences with devils and demons

Experiencing these negative effects is also called a bad trip. These negative effects can mainly occur in the wrong environment, due to individual, personal sensitivity, with high doses and / or overdoses and if you do not feel well physically or mentally. Be careful when using LSD if you are not experienced, never underestimate the effect.

The physical effects
  • Sweating
  • Nauseous
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Elevated blood pressure
  • Lots of saliva
  • Warm
  • Dizzy
  • Intestinal discomfort
  • Disturbed movements, shaking.
The dosage 

Because the psychedelic drug LSD is very potent, it works in very small amounts. LSD is measured in micrograms. An average street stamp contains about 100 UG (micrograms) LSD,

LSD is illegal. As a result, the strength varies. The dosages offered on the testing services range from very light (e.g. 3 micrograms) to heavy (e.g. about 120 micrograms).

A guideline for dosing LSD

  • Light: 15-60 mcg
  • Average: 60-150 mcg
  • High: 150+ mcg

In general: 

  • It is difficult to indicate a dose.
  • People react differently to the same doses.
  • The effect may be different each time. The mood, stomach contents, environment, physical and psychological condition and the strength of the LSD all influence the final effect.
  • In books, articles and on sites contradictory information is given about the dosage and the effect that one has.
  • People want different effects with a trip and adjust the dose accordingly.
  • People differ greatly in what they call a light, medium, strong or very strong trip. That depends on your experience and individual characteristics.
  • A paper trip can be cut. If you’re not used to LSD, or if you don’t know the strength, you can reduce your risk by taking 1/2 or less and see how you respond.
  • LSD starts working 30 – 90 minutes after ingestion. An average trip lasts 6 – 8 hours. A trip can sometimes last up to 12 hours or even longer. Often the slightly trippy after-effects last 24 hours.
  • Some people are more sensitive to LSD. The threshold value (that is the amount where people start to notice an effect) varies from person to person and is about 15 micrograms.
  • From 150 micrograms you have a very strong trip with hallucinations and far-reaching insights.
  • A trip with very violent and totally overwhelming hallucinations occurs at high doses. Increasing the dose further prolongs the trip, but does not intensify it.

New products: 1P-lsd

The product 1p-lsd is a fairly new product on the market and is an alternative to the psychedelic drug LSD.

Like 1cP-LSD, Al-Lad, and LSZ 1P LSD offers a legal alternative to the well-known psychedelic drug LSD.

It is a chemical used for research purposes. The product is therefore not intended for human consumption.

1p-lsd comes in liquid and blotter form, making it a designer drug. This designer drug can be ordered easily and legally on our website.

Eyes closed, mouth open. That’s how you use 1P-LSD stamps

Buy 1p-lsd stamps

We offer new products on our website. You can buy drugs from us for a fair price.

We also offer 1p-lsd, a substance that came on the market quite recently with popularity.

As a new customer you can safely purchase 1p-lsd, but of course also as an existing customer.

We at RCT team are happy to help you and want to offer you the best products.

1p-lsd is of course also part of this.

You may have heard more about 1p LSD, but we want to offer you the best quality and service!

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Shapes of 1p-lsd

There are several types of 1p LSD available.

The most bought form is the blotter form.

In addition to that form, there is also a liquid form such as drops/liquid.

The chemical structure of the 2 variants 1p lsd is the same.

The only major difference is that one is a dry form and the other a wet form. If you do choose to use these drugs, start in lower doses. LSD is a very potent drug. You must appear strong.

Research chemicals

1p-lsd is also known as ‘research chemicals‘.

Research chemicals is another name for chemicals that are quite new.

These substances are mainly used for research purposes.

Hence the term research in research chemicals.

Research chemicals, such as 1p lsd, are also legal to buy because the substances are not.

The latest reports indicate that more and more designer drugs are being banned but you don’t have to to worry. Where there’s a will there’s a way. There will always be an alternative designer drug to replace the banned ones.

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Questions about research chemicals

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