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(N diethyl 7 methyl 4 Propanoyl 6.6a 8.9 tetrahydroindolo 4.3 fg quinoline 9 carboxamide)

We also inform you that research chemicals are not intended for human consumption,

but has only been found suitable for research purposes


  1. What are Designer Drugs?
  2. Safety Recommendations 1p LSD Blotters
  3. What is 1P LSD?
  4. The effects of 1P LSD on the human body
  5. Where can I buy Research Chemicals like 1p-lsd?
  6. About RCT

What are Research Chemicals?

Research Chemicals are usually analogous mirrors of illegal drugs.

Not much research has been done on these chemicals.

These Research Chemicals should always be used with appreciation in a well-closed packaging,

be kept under good storage conditions.

A research chemical is a chemical that is used

in scientific and medical research to experience stability, among other things.

Research chemicals are often sold as “research materials”

or “instrument grade chemicals”.

In contrast, research chemicals are usually not intended for human consumption

and can be toxic, corrosive or irritating.

They may be useful to scientists and researchers for use in studies,

investigating how the substance can influence biological systems in living organisms.

Chemical analysis of these substances can help identify their properties

and in understanding their influence on humans and animals with appreciation for potency.

Safety Recommendations for 1p LSD Blotters

Wat Zijn Research Chemicals

Always keep out of the reach of children and store in a dry place!

If you get research chemicals in your eyes, remove your contact lenses immediately ,

and gently rinse your eyes and continue rinsing until you feel the pain subsiding.

After that it is best to rest the eyes and the victim will remain unwell,

and does 1p lsd blotters cause eye pain? See a doctor immediately!

Then remove your contact lenses and continue to rinse well for a few minutes

and wash with soap to get the LSD 1p out, as washing with soap works best.

1p LSD can cause serious injury to your eyes, depending on the amount of 1p LSD the eyes

have been exposed and whether the person immediately rinses their eyes and possibly removes contact lenses

and rinse gently with soap and lukewarm water.

Is the victim unwell? Immediately contact the doctor or local hospital.

Be careful with RCs

Some people smoke research chemicals, this is strongly inadvisable as smoking,

research chemicals release fumes that cause permanent damage.

1p LSD blotters can cause anything from irritation to serious damage to your airways if inhaled.

When inhaling 1p LSD blotters, it is advised to remove the individual within a few minutes,

bring fresh air as soon as possible, which makes breathing easier.

If inhaled, remove the person to fresh air and let them rest,

will reduce irritation, reduce damage and make breathing easier,

when 1p LSD causes respiratory problems.

If the victim remains unwell, consult a doctor immediately.

Avoid the discharge of 1p LSD, this is very bad for the environment, treat nature with appreciation.

What is 1P LSD?


N diethyl 7 methyl 4 Propanoyl 6.6a 8.9 tetrahydroindolo 4.3 fg quinoline 9 carboxamide,

or lsd 1p are synonyms for 1p lsd, it is simply a lysergic acid analog.

1P LSD blotters are a structural mirroring of the original isotope of LSD.

The structure is almost the same and 1p LSD is always tested with protective clothing on.

1p lsd blotters are approved by Dutch law for research and can be used

in scientific research, to learn more about 1p lsd

such as stability and posture.

Effects of 1P LSD

The most well-known effects of 1p LSD are comparable to the effects of normal LSD.

1P LSD is a psychedelic drug that can cause hallucinations and changes in mood.

It is thought to activate serotonin receptors in the brain,

which may be responsible for these effects.

LSD is considered a hallucinogen because it has the ability to distort the senses

and induce sensory experiences.

In addition, LSD can also affect your emotional state, attitude and sense of self.

Where can you safely buy 1p-lsd?

Research Chemicals Shop

Buy 1P-LSD? You are welcome to visit our online webshop for your research purposes,

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to which you can pay with iDeal and other payment methods.

Warning about RCs

All products are tested for purity and have a high rating.

Products are sold for research purposes only,

and are absolutely not intended for human consumption!

The effects of designer drugs have not been fully studied

and can cause permanent damage to the human body.

Keep away from all research chemicals and out of reach of children!

Keep research chemicals away from animals!

Prevent discharging  designer drugs, this is very bad for the environment.

Research Chemicals Team

Research Chemicals Reviews

We are an expert chemicals team focused on providing safe and reliable

Buy designer drugs like 1P-LSD, for chemists and scientists.

Our products are tested with appreciation for purity and quality in one of our laboratories. Buying research chemicals on our website will ensure you get the best quality research chemicals.

In our chemical laboratory there are all kinds of different substances.

These substances can be anything from acids to alcohols and from solids to gases.

The substances used in the laboratory have different properties

and are extremely suitable for research purposes.

Due to the cookie legislation you will be able to determine yourself when viewing the webshop

which cookies you want to leave on, we have made sure that you can easily

and choose 1p lsd without any problems, place it in your shopping cart and place your order anonymously.

Buy 1P-LSD directly? And other products are easy to find at the RCT site where

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By keeping the RCT site, you can enjoy our offers with appreciation from time to time.

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