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  1. What are research chemicals?
  2. What is 2c e?
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What are research chemicals?

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Research chemicals are substances used in scientific or medical research.

The most commonly used research chemical is morphine, but there are also many others.

Chemicals can be found on the internet and used

to study drugs or other substances that cause changes in the brain.

Chemicals have a variety of uses and synonyms,

but the most common are for experimental use in studies,

about addiction or to create other types of drugs like 2c b.

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What is the Research Chemical 2c e?

2CE is an abbreviation for a research chemical compound called 2- aminoethoxydiphenidine.

2c e is also known as ethcathinone and it is a stimulant drug that has been used

as a replacement for methamphetamine and 2c b.

2c b is prohibited and 2c b may not be sold.

2CE is synthesized from phenylacetone and various amines.

The most common method of synthesis involves the use of

the reductive amination reaction between phenylacetone (PAP) and methylamine.

Other methods include the use of other amines such as:

propylamine, ethylamine, butylamine, ethylenediamine and ethanolamine.

2CE shares many similarities with amphetamines and 2c b in their effects.

In case of inhalation, immediately seek fresh air and clean thoroughly with soap in case of contact with skin.

In case of contact with eyes, rinse well and clean contact lenses well.

Prevent discharge this is bad for the environment.


Fake online webshops where buying 2c-e is not recommended

There are many fake online stores on the internet.

If you order from these webshops you can become a victim of

Buying fake 2c-e can be very harmful to your health!

These fake products seem to be real which can be harmful.

Where can I buy Research Chemicals?

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These RCs should always be kept out of the reach of children.

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