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2CB Drugs and Pills

The 2cb drugs and pills or powder probably sounds familiar.

In this blog we will tell you extensively about the effects of 2cb drugs and pills and what people think.

We will talk about both high and lower doses of 2cb drugs and pills.

Read more below about the consequences of 2cb drugs and pills!


2CB Drugs and Pills History

The drug 2cb drugs and pills came on the market in the 1990s and was first synthesized in 1974. (made)

2c-b was then sold in the smart shop as drugs. (low dose / high dose)

Available in powder or pill form with the name ‘Nexus‘.

2CB Drugs and Pills banned in the Netherlands?

Since 1997, 2cb has been on the opium list and therefore the drug is controlled.

In addition to 2cb, this opium list also includes other drugs such as:

  1. LSD
  2. XTC
  3. Amphetamine
  4. MDMA
  5. Mushrooms.

It is forbidden to own, make or sell 2c-b.

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Experimenting with 2CB Drugs and Pills

If you want to be your own guinea pig with 2c-b, that is of course possible.

With this blog about 2c-b we mainly want to provide information and prevent confusion and/or abuse.

We therefore do not encourage the use or tripping of the 2c-b substance!

Dosages and forms 2c-b milligrams

2CB Drugs and Pills come in various forms and are taken per milligram(s). A 2CB pill usually contains about 10 to 15 milligrams.

For example, there are 2c-b in pill form, but there is also 2c-b in powder form.

The effect is almost the same with powders and pills.

Effect of 2c-b and feelings are therefore not different.

The biggest difference is that dosages are done differently and the strength and experience differ.

Physical Effects of 2CB Drugs and Pills

When using 2CB Drugs and pills, different effects occur.

For example, someone can become anxious or experience things more intensely.

Of course, this all depends on how many mg (milligrams) of 2c-b is taken by someone.

It is also different in terms of effect per 2c-b pill.

Effects last about 3 to 6 hours.


2CB Drugs And Pills Effect Low Dosage

At a low dose 2c-b a pill is mildly stimulant. A low dose is between 10 and 25 milligrams. You will trip after about 20 milligrams. Use 2c-b especially when you feel comfortable.

One can get effects from 2c-b like getting into a ‘party’ mood.

It is also possible that the 2c-b makes someone want to have sex when he or she uses it.

Effects of a low dose are also compared with effects of amphetamine, XTC or MDMA.

Of course it is not the same as MDMA or XTC and it has a different effect.

Because of 2c-b, someone can experience emotions or music or sounds differently at a low dose

It is also possible that someone has a different experience of the world through 2c-b, more info about that below!

Because of 2c-b, someone can experience emotions or music or sounds differently at lower doses.

2CB Drugs and Pills high dosage

At higher doses of 2c-b, other effects come into play. high doses can be intense

For example, at a higher dose, a person may hallucinate due to 2c-b. Objects deform and interdimensional beings show themselves. Higher doses lead to mysterious experiences. High doses are recommended if you already have some experience.

The strength differs per 2c-b pill, but a high dose is usually from 2-3 pills. A bad trip can occur if the dose is too high. Unpleasant feelings can then take over.

sometimes you don’t feel comfortable in the environment you are in, change the setting. If you are not feeling well don’t use drugs.

The high-dose effects of 2c-b are comparable to those of LSD or magic mushrooms.

Users experience changing reality through 2c-b.

The brain starts to look at subjects differently and the ‘tripping’ begins.

For example, 2c-b users also report that objects or faces take on different shapes or appearances.

Trip effects start to dominate from 2c-b and the tripping takes over.

Users of 2c-b are of course still available at only a dose can influence the perception of users.

It may also be that someone is more interested and more in the mood for sex.

A normal sleep pattern will have no adverse effect while taking this medicine. You can set an enlarged font yourself.

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Adverse Effects of 2CB Drugs and Pills

With drug use and drugs, there are always adverse effects, and so is with 2c-b.

We will cover other info that users have told us about 2c-b effects in this chapter.

When using the synthetic drug 2c-b, in addition to the pleasant effect, a negative effect can also occur.

Users have reported to us that taking 2c-b can cause headaches and physical hangovers during the trip. The chance that you will be completely fucked the next day is very small

To avoid and counter these headaches,

it is wise to drink water before taking 2c-b but also while tripping. If you maintain a normal sleeping pattern, you will suffer less from sleeping problems.

Another effect may be that 2c-b users become nauseous. The biggest risk from using this drug is a bad trip.

Nausea from 2CB Drugs and Pills

The nausea can be caused by an overwhelming trip with ‘vague’ feelings that express themselves on the stomach.

It is also possible that with drugs nausea occurs when someone takes 2c-b or drugs on an empty stomach.

It is normal to experience a nauseous effect with 2c-b and tripping, however it can lead to irritation.

It is advised that if this medicine is misused,

to eat and drink well in advance to counteract the nausea effect.

This will lead to better tripping which will lead to more pleasant feelings during the trip.

Another option is muscle cramps or confusion.

Designer Drugs

Slightly stimulating effect at a certain number of milligrams

When taking 2c b, it is not recommended to combine 2c-b with other substances or drugs.

Doses of 2c-b become more vague and substances can have a negative impact on each other.

Possible Physical Effects

In addition to the physical effects of 2c-b, a person can also experience mental effects from the trip.

For example, it may be that someone experiences more intense fear from the 2c-b.

When one experiences fear during a trip, this can be annoying.

Anxiety at 2c-b occurs more often at a higher dose of mg.

However, anxiety trip effects can dominate.

With a drug this is also called a ‘bad trip’.

People do not like to experience such a bad trip.

In addition to fearful experiences, there is a very small chance of abuse of 2c-b.

This chance of abuse is not that great because tolerance quickly develops after use.

However, there is a small chance that effect will lead to abuse.

Dosage of 2CB Drugs and Pills

There are several steps you can take to preserve a pill or dose of 2c-b as best as possible.

It makes no difference in terms of whether you want to store a high dose or a lower dose. individual sensitivity plays a role in dosage.

The most important thing to keep with 2c-b drugs is,

to keep it in a dark, dry place (regardless of how many milligrams).

2CB Drugs and Pills in the Human Body

After drug use, it is possible that users can still detect certain drugs.

There are differences at a higher dose or a low dose.

Not many 2c-b tests have been made.

2cb tests don’t really exist at the moment,

and the only way to show it is through a special saliva test after you use.

The drug can only be detected in the blood level for 15 hours,

this is very short compared to other drugs such as: MDMA, XTC or magic mushrooms.

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