Dit product is enkel bestemd voor onderzoeksdoeleinden.
Deze producten zijn niet voor menselijke consumptie.​
Het kan leiden tot irritatie van de luchtwegen.
De producten kunnen irritatie van de ogen veroorzaken.

Never discharge research chemicals into the environment.

In case of contact with the eyes:

Rinse gently with water for at least 10 to 15 minutes, removing any contact lenses.

In case of contact with the eyes:

Rinse with water, if possible also with soap.

In case of exhaling:

Veel Frisse lucht halen en rustig blijven.
Een houding aannemen die de ademhaling bevordert.


Do not expose to heat sources.

Overige Informatie:

Bewaar het in een droge omgeving bij kamertemperatuur.
Sla het op in een goede verpakking uit de zon.
Buiten het bereik van kinderen bewaren.

Een goede stabiliteit van bijvoorbeeld blotters:
Kan bij bovengenoemde condities tot 2 jaren duren.​

Meer informatie is hier te vinden:



Research Chemicals


This product is for research purposes only and not for human consumption.

It can cause irritation and eye irritation.
Never discharge research chemicals into the environment.

Safety recommendations:

In case of contact with the eyes:
Rinse gently with water for at least 10 to 15 minutes, removing any contact lenses.

In case of contact with the eyes:
Rinse with water, if possible also with soap.

In case of exhaling:
Get fresh air and adopt a position that promotes breathing.

Do not expose to heat sources.

Please keep it in a dry environment at room temperature and store it in proper packaging and keep out of reach of children.

Good stability of the blotters under the conditions above can take up to 2 years!


3-CMC Poeder

(55 Customer Reviews)

CAS: 246816_62_5.

Welkom op de site van het Research Chemicals team (RCT). De research chemicals die wij op deze site aanbieden zijn door een onafhankelijk lab getest waardoor onze hoogwaardige 3-CMC Poeder een eerlijke prijs heeft. De verstrekte informatie die je op onze website kunt vinden over 3-CMC Poeder is niet bedoeld voor menselijke consumptie, maar uitsluitend voor onderzoeksdoeleinden. Ga niet voor eigen proefkonijn spelen met research chemicals!

Love & Peace



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Labresultaat en product informatie van 3-CMC Poeder

Order 3-MMC Crystal

3 MMC Crystal is a research chemical, also known as 3 methylmethcathinone.

At RCT you can only buy 3 MMC Crystal that is lab tested, for purity.

All designer drugs offered by RCT are of the highest quality possible.

Buy the best research chemicals at a reasonable price here!

RCT can deliver your order surprisingly quick.

3-Mmc Powder

3 MMC Crystal research chemical

3 MMC Crystal is very similar to 4-MMC, only 3-MMC has fewer side effects.

4-MMC has been banned in the Netherlands since 2018, and 4-MMC is more intense in its effects than 3-MMC.

Because 3-MMC has only recently entered the market, little information is known about it.

The product 3-MMC is currently still legally available for sale, at the Research Chemicals Team Webshop.

The effect of 3 MMC Crystal is very similar to Mdma and Cocaine.

3-Mmc Kopen

Buy 3-MMC at the best price

Buy Research Chemicals products, at the best price in the webshop!

We only sell high purity products.

In addition, we deliver quickly, and our customer service is always available.

We always have 3 MMC Crystal or crystals in stock.

All products are lab tested, so we can always guarantee the highest achievable quality.


Buy research chemicals

Safe to buy research chemicals and 3-MMC? We always have the best product.

Your favorite 3 methylmethcathinone always in stock!

We do not sell 3-MMC for human consumption.

You can order 3-MMC for research purposes on the website.

Buy 3 MMC Crystal here, from 1 gram to 1 kg it is all possible.

The substance 3-MMC has been used in the Netherlands for 3 years.

Taking the formula 3 MMC Crystal “3 methylmethcathinone”, is not suitable for human consumption.


Buy 3 MMC Crystal for research purposes

On the website you can buy 3 MMC Crystal online for research purposes.

The formula c11h15no chemicals is the cas number of the 3 MMC Crystal.

Take 3 MMC Crystal only in an area that is well ventilated.

Cas c11h15no can cause irritation to the respiratory tract.

Always wash your hands thoroughly before and after using 3 MMC Crystal.


3 MMC Crystal price per gram

Buy 3-MMC for the lowest price per gram, and delivered fast hours at your home!

Price list 3-MMC:


1 gram €

2 gram €

3 gram €

4 gram €

5 gram €

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100 gram €

250 gram and more€

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We also send all our orders discreetly in blank envelopes.

This way no one can see what is in your envelope.

At RCT, you can order RC in a fast, responsible way.

3-MMC offers:



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Additional information on designer drugs:

Mdma substitute

Many people think 3 MMC Crystal is similar to Mdma , Mdma is banned in the Netherlands.

Because Mdma is banned in the Netherlands, there are still many people looking for a substitute.

3 MMC Crystal is often used as a substitute for Mdma.

Many people are looking for a solution, to legally obtain designer drugs.

Through RCT you no longer have to search for nice stuff.

All orders are delivered faster than anyone else, due to our unique delivery system


Legislation Netherlands

At the moment 3-MMC is not forbidden.

3-MMC falls under the Warenwet.

The government is working on a new law, which will prohibit groups of designer drugs at once.

It is not forbidden to buy or use RC products.

Well, producing RC is punishable in the Netherlands.

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