1P-LSD of 3-MMC Kopen als Research Chemicals

What are 3-MMC and 1P-LSD?

Both 3-MMC and 1P-LSD are Designer Drugs or Research Chemicals that are man-made.

This is why they are also called designer drugs.

3-MMC and 1P-LSD are substances used for research and not primarily for ingestion.

Both are known to have uplifting effects if you do.

Are you going to get started with 3-MMC or 1P-LSD?

Be sure to always buy these designer drugs from a reliable source and buy quality products.

Discover how these research chemicals work in this blog or buy them directly in our webshop.

Research Chemicals
Research Chemicals

Research Chemicals

Research chemicals or designer drugs is a collective term for a group of drugs that are not natural substances but substances that people have worked with.

With these drugs, scientists are constantly trying to connect new molecules to form new substances or chemicals.

The goal is to continually reach new substances and discover new compositions.

Most designer drugs are legal and freely available.

Because many of the newly formed substances are quite new, there has often been no research done on the effects or side effects of the drugs.

This is why these substances are still considered research chemicals and not drugs for recreational use or ingestion.

It is important to pay close attention when working with these substances.

Please research the effects of a particular designer drug before using it.

For example, some chemicals are highly flammable.

Research Chemicals
Research Chemicals

Research Chemicals in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, most Research Chemicals are not illegal and you can buy them online or offline.

In our neighboring countries, several of these chemicals are illegal.

When working with designer drugs it is important that they are of sufficiently good quality and that you do not just buy them from anyone.

You can always visit our webshop or on ourwebsite if you have any questions or want to buy reliable Research Chemicals.

All of our Research Chemicals are for research purposes only and are laboratory tested.

3-Mmc Order It Here


3-MMC or 3-Methylmethcathinone is also known as Methaphedrone.

3-MMC is a designer drug.

You may also encounter it as “meow meow”.

This drug is an NPS (New Psychoactive Substance) or research chemical and belongs to the group of cathinones.

This group of substances generally has a stimulating effect.

As you probably guessed, 3-MMC is related to 4-MMC or mephedrone.

3-MMC is the synthetic form of khat.

Khat is a drug that is banned in the Netherlands. 3-MMC is illegal in many countries, but not in the Netherlands.

It is a drug that is mainly used recreationally and not so often taken as a drug.

Through us, this synthetic drug is only offered for research and not as a drug, so not for human purposes.

Effects 3-MMC

When you take 3-MMc it can have a stimulating effect.

You may also experience slight changes in consciousness. Similar to MDMA, you may feel energetic and euphoric.

You are very communicative and seek out others.

3-MMC is a monoamine transporter and causes you to produce more dopamine and serotonin.

This makes you feel happy and joyful.

Lichamelijke Bijwerkingen 3-Mmc
Lichamelijke Bijwerkingen 3-Mmc
Physical side effects 3-MMC

Physically, this substance can also have effects but not much is known about them.

Side effects that were previously identified are increased blood pressure, increased body temperature, increased muscle tension, dry mouth, teeth grinding, large pupils and heavy sweating.

More severe side effects include nausea, paranoia and anxiety attacks.

3-MMC is said to be addictive.

Many people who have taken 3-MMC experience the feeling that they want to take it again. This feeling would be stronger when sniffing it than when swallowing it.

Not much is known about 3-MMC.

Even about its long term effects not much is known.

For these reasons it is not recommended to take this substance and it is only used as a research chemical.

You can find 3-MMC in our webshop. This research chemical is only sold for research and not for recreational purposes.

1P-Lsd Blotters
1P-Lsd Blotters


1P-LSD is a psychedelic drug and has analogous characteristics to the more familiar LSD.

This substance is also classified as a designer drug and Research Chemicals This means that like 3-MMC this drug is not used for ingestion but only for research.

You can buy 1P-LSD online as in our webshop.

This designer drug can be found on the market since 2015.

This substance was discovered in an academic setting.

Toughly unknown is who first synthesized this substance. 1P-LSD does not appear in any academic literature.

Research on 1P-LSD

Since this synthetic drug has only been available since 2015, not much research has been done on its effects and actions.

What is known by now is that this substance has an uplifting effect.

The designer drug is said to have a shorter duration of action than its brother LSD.

What the effect is, is very similar to that of LSD.

When it comes to the effects, we are going to rely on anecdotes and not a large-scale study.

Necdotes indicate that LSD is not only very similar to 1P-LSD but that the two substances would be almost indistinguishable from each other.

In comparison to similar substances, 1P-LSD is more stimulating and faster.

This is true both mentally and physically.

3-Mmc Operation And Effects
3-Mmc Operation And Effects

Mental and Physical Side Effects

One of those mental effects is that you will be more energetic and happy.

This is a difference from most other psychedelic drugs that usually just make you calmer and more relaxed.

Furthermore, it will make you euphoric and give you a kind of high feeling.

When you take 1P-LSD, you may experience a kind of “trip”. When taking a large amount of 1P-LSD, you may experience pleasant sensations.

In contrast, however, you may also experience paranoia or anxiety when taking this chemical.

This can certainly be the case when taking this substance in combination with other drugs such as cannabis.

This can lead to a bad “trip”.

1P-LSD can have many physical side effects such as loss of appetite, increased blood pressure or nausea.

You can also get a huge laugh out of it.

In addition, several people have had a breakdown after taking this substance.

It is therefore recommended not to do so and only to use 1P-LSD for research.

Buying 1P-LSD in the Netherlands

In a lot of European countries you can buy 1P-LSD for free.

You can also find this designer drug in our webshop.

We always advise to check carefully from whom or from which webshop you buy this substance.

Not all sellers are reliable and not all 1P-LSD is of good quality for research.

3-Mmc Order
3-Mmc Order

Designer Drugs Order

Would you like to get started with designer drugs and do your own research with these interesting substances?

Then you can definitely come to us.

You can find these designer drugs in different forms in our webshop.

If you have questions regarding the right form for your research or the amount of chemicals you need, you can always contact us via the website or via e-mail.

You can also keep up-to-date with the latest research on these chemicals via our blog.

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