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3-MMC Ordering

The psychoactive substance 3-MMC stands for 3-methylmethcathinone, and is a designer drug.

You can order Order 3-mmc for research purposes!

The NPS is from the group of synthetic Cathinones.

3-MMC has been identified in several countries, as a research chemical, since 2012.

Mephedrone 3-MMC is still legal to buy per gram today.

3-MMC can cause irritation.

3-MMC is also called MIAUW MIAUW.

3-Mmc Crystal






With 3-MMC ordering it is important to know:

♦ What methylamino 1 3 methylphenyl is used for
♦ The difference between 4-mmc and 3-mmc
♦ Why methylphenyl 1 propanone monohydrochloride should not be abused
♦ Buy 3mmc safely per gram on a well-known and reliable research chemical site

3-MMC use for research purposes

3 methylphenyl 1 propanone or 3-mmc is a monoamine transporter substract.

A research chemical with the formula c11h15no.

3-MMC is of interest to chemists since, the effects of cas 1246816 62 5 g mol are not yet fully known.

This is why 3-methylmethcathinone is one of the most suitable research chemicals for research purposes.

Ordering 3-MMC to find out what:

♦ Mmc 3 does in the long run

♦ What the benefits of 3-mmc are

♦ What the disadvantages of 2 methylamino 1 3 are

♦ How 3mmc responds to chemical modifications

Designer Drugs Like 3-Mmc

Through thorough research, 3-mmc may be applicable in the future

And may be used legally, for a variety of ways, just like other research chemicals.

With 3mmc ordered from a shop that sees quality and purity as the standard of service,

it is possible to order 3mmc and test and research it thoroughly per gram.

The difference between 3-mmc and 4-mmc

4-mmc is a psychoactive substance that is molecularly very similar to 3-mmc, methylphenyl 1 propanone monohydrochloride.

4-methylmethcathinone has been found to have addictive properties, and has been abused as a research chemical.

Through human consumption, leading to the banning of 3-mmc.

The molecular structure of 3-mmc mephedrone has been slightly modified.

Without which the formula 3-methylmethcathinone 3-MMC ordering is legal, like other research chemicals.

Occupying 3-methylphenyl 1 propanone 3-MMC per gram is still legal under Dutch law.

But it is still uncertain how long 3-mmc can be ordered, and purchased, per gram.

Buying 3-MMC but not abusing it


The chemical psychoactive substance 2 methylamino 1 3 mmc order per gram in powder form for sale.

The quality of mmc 3 can vary greatly, which has a lot to do with the service source with 3mmc bestellen.

The full general effects of research chemicals like 3-mmc have not been fully researched.

What is known is that 3mmc, when consumed in excess by abusers, causes serious bodily harm.

Research Chemicals

3-MMC can cause respiratory tract irritation and also:

♦ Panic attacks

♦ Dehydration

♦ Hallucinations

♦ Psychosis

♦ Addiction

We do not recommend ordering 3-mmc to use, as the risks are too great.

This mephedrone research chemical is intended for research purposes only.

Using 3-mmc bestellen per gram is irresponsible, and entirely at your own risk!

3-Mmc Dosage

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