3-MMC Dosering

The most appropriate 3-MMC dosage

3 Methylmethcathinone or 3-mmc, is something new in the psychoactive substance category.

Since 2012, 3mmc has been legally available on the internet, just like other designer drugs.

The active ingredient 3-mmc is derived, from the substituted family of Cathinones.

3-Mmc Perfect Dosage

Why 3-MMC dosage is being researched

Since the active ingredients are something new, little is known about this designer drug.

With thorough research on 3-MMC dosage(s), one can know:
  1. How this drug can be tested exuberantly
  2. Researed by chemist for research
  3. Discover the effects
  4. Experience the appropriate dose

This text discusses news about the designer drug 3mmc, and where it is possible to buy it legally.

What is 3-mmc?

3-mmc is short for 3 Methylmethcathinone, and a designer drug

It is known that 3mmc, is one of the substances from the Mephedrone family.

The chemical formula of this drug has an action, which is very similar to 4-mmc.

As the Mephedrone 4-mmc was banned a number of years ago.

This is why it is not possible to buy 4-mmc legally, for research purposes

The structure of the molecules in 3-mmc dosage(s) has been partially modified.

Which is known to have identical effects as news, to the illegal 4-mmc Mephedrone

It is thereby possible to buy 3mmc legally, for research purposes, as not all aspects of this substance are known.

Feel free to talk about 3-MMC Dosage

3 Methylmethcathinone/3-mmc is also known as meow meow

Designer drugs are nothing new, and have been used for a number of years now by people, who conduct thorough research.

The active ingredient 3mmc, however, is not intended for consumption.

Since the action, and effects of taking 3 Methylmethcathinone/3-mmc, carries risks

This is why we strongly advise against consuming the substance 3-mmc, and only use it for research purposes.

When users snort or take a dose of 3mmc orally.

Use of 3-mmc will give the following effects:

  • Experience an increased heart rate
  • More desire for sex
  • More desire to talk
  • Dry mouth
  • Similar feeling to XTC/Mdma
  • Burden of high blood pressure in the body
  • Increased level of energy felt
  • Stuffy nose

Drugs like 3mmc are dangerous to your health, and can cause permanent damage!


3MMC dosage(s) not suitable for consumption.

Research has proven that snorting, or taking orally, new psychoactive drugs

like 3-MMC causes an increased heart rate, which many people find unpleasant.

The active ingredients stimulate the desire for sex, which is also due to high blood pressure when used.

The effects of 3 Methylmethcathinone, when ingested will give energy.

Where the length of duration is decisive, to the dose of 3-mmc taken.

A person will always notice an effect similar to xtc and mdma.

With users noticing a spike and drop

This causes a stuffy nose and dry mouth, either through snorting or oral use.

Not all the effects of 3mmc are known, as it is a new psychoactive designer drug.

3-Mmc Dosage

Misuse of 3-MMC Dosage(s)

The 4-mmc variant has similar effects to 3-mmc, which not enough research has been done on.

Since this Mephedrone in the substituted family of Cathinones is illegal.

The psychoactive drug is highly addictive, as it over-stimulates the dopamine receptors in the brain.

The abuse of 3-mmc dosage(s) does, however, carry risks.

And is also harmful to the human body

This causes users who remain addicted to suffer from a chronic dopamine deficiency.

Stopping taking 3-mmc will be much more difficult with excessive use, due to the intense addiction.

Since with research drugs, little is known about the effects and consequences of 3-mmc Mephedrone abuse in humans.

Designer drugs like 3-mmc

The reason why designer drugs like 3-mmc should not be used is because their dosage is just really uncontrollable, and carries risks.

It is possible, however, to obtain this form of Mephedrone, and other designer drugs.

And to purchase in the desired dose from the appropriate sources.

This way research chemicals such as 3mmc dosage(s) can be thoroughly researched.

To know more and more, about the various aspects of substances such as 3-mmc dosage(s)

Getting pure and lab tested research chemicals is just hard to find.

3mmc is offered on the internet at websites, which specialize in selling designer drugs.

Order 3Mmc

Watching out when buying 3mmc

According to research, we can make it clear to you that, few online shops are completely reliable.

This carries risks if you would like to purchase 3mmc dosage(s).

The reasons why are:

  • Unpure designer drugs
  • Unknown substances
  • Non-delivery of substances
  • Misuse of personal information

Buy 3-Mmc

Offering a dose of impure designer drugs, or unknown substances will ruin research.

When products you ordered are not delivered, or personal information is misused, it will cause disappointment and uncertainty.

Get your 3MMC dosage tested for free

Should you have purchased this new designer drug 3mmc dosage, and not be sure about the purity level.

Then, fortunately, it is possible to have substances tested at an appropriate time, just to be sure.

With this, you can find out, how pure your ordered 3-mmc, or other substances are

You can have any substance tested in a lab, for free and close by, most of the time.

We recommend that you order your 3mmc safely and discreetly, from (RCT) Research Chemicals Team.

3-Mmc Order

Buy 3-mmc dosage(s) reliably

The buying an appropriate dose of 3-mmc as desired is legal by Dutch law.

Happily, you can buy Research Chemicals such as 3mmc, from our online shop.

These substances meet the highest requirements:
  • Reliability
  • Pure designer drugs
  • Transparency about products
  • High discount
  • Discreet ordering
  • Safe and legal purchase of designer drugs
  • Great assortment of new psychoactive substances
  • Quick delivery of orders
  • Ready with product information
  • Popular and sought after
We offer a large and diverse assortment in designer drugs, such as 3mmc for research purposes

Our online shop has been selling products such as 3mmc, with extensive product information.

The new psychoactive drug 3-MMC

After long and extensive research on 3 Methylmethcathinone/3mmc.

Has chemists and users had much news about 3-mmc, and the possible effects of this active ingredient.

Because of the risks associated with designer drugs

Little is known about how 3mmc works, and it is not recommended for people to use it recreationally.

Researchers have been able, to chart the effects of 3-mmc.

The dose used has a determining feeling, which has different effects in people.

Meow Meow Order

The Dosage of 3-mmc

So the peak of 3-mmc works differently when a low dose is tested, or a high dose is used.

Since the effect is not fully revealed, and how much 3-mmc is harmful to the human body.

Will the next tests that are done, show new insights

This is very important for the science of 3mmc, in general.

A person can in fact buy this form of Mephedrone, and thus possibly gather more information.

3-mmc science

The effects, risks, and effects of 3-mmc are varied, and not fully known.

This discusses the:
  • People who do take these designer drugs occasionally
  • Users who cannot stop taking them.
  • What is experienced while abusing 3mmc
  • Researchers and chemists
  • The side effects of Mephedrone

4-Mmc Buy

Studying and analysing 3-mmc

Studying and analysing 3-mmc substances that stimulate brain receptors is valued in science.

By always bringing the truth to light about 3-mmc, a piece of important data can be gathered.

Since its first predecessor 4-mmc, has been declared illegal by law.

The study of 3-mmc, gives the opportunity for knowledge in science.

The structure of the molecules of Mephedrone, are derived from the substituted family of Cathinones.

4mmc is similar to 3-mmc

By minimally modifying the molecules, however, Mephedrone 3mmc is basically something entirely new, in the class of designer drugs.

Theless, 3-mmc has similar effects and action to its predecessor.

Those are absorbed by the human body within minutes, and cause blood pressure to stagnate.

Legally 3Mmc

The effects already known about 3-mmc such as:

  • Experiencing feelings similar to XTC, Mdma or Cocaine
  • Feeling alert, and little fatigue
  • The need for contact, and desire to talk to people
  • High desire, and desire for sex
  • Feeling a boost in self-confidence

The active substance 3-mmc is mainly taken orally.

With users being able to feel the rise within 10 minutes, and 1 hour.

Getting the peak of 3 Methylmethcathinone, will strongly stimulate the dopamine receptors in users

The reason 3-mmc is addictive in users

The climax of 3-mmc, on average, will be felt for the next 2 hours to 3 hours.

Where the desire for sex and an increased heart rate becomes noticeable.

3mmc will give off a light after effect between 3 hours and 6 hours after reaching its peak.

The body is busy breaking down the substances immediately after ingestion.

3mmc is addictive to some people, as it is a legal substance, and cheap to get.

Abuse of 3-MMC causes addiction to occur, where stopping is difficult

This is because 3-MMC simulates effects that give off a combined feeling, and is similar to : XTC, Mdma and Cocaine.
By taking it for long periods in doses, getting a chronic dopamine deficiency is inevitable.

Think about it, and leave the use of 3mmc to the side.

Since the substances are not intended for it, and carry risks.

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