The research chemical 3-MMC is often used as a designer drug because of its lust-inducing effects. Some people use it as a sex enhancer because it increases the desire for sex. The 3 mmc we sell is intended for research purposes and under no circumstances sold for human consumption. In the gay and straight scene, they also talk about chemsex.

3 MMC and Sex and Parties

For example, there are parties where people have sex under the influence of 3mmc. The users describe the effects of mmc as great. The desire for sex increases so much that it results in a horny state. On 3mmc and sex, touching people feels nicer from that is very popular as a sex enhancer. Feeling each other becomes 100x more delicious on this substance.

3 MMC and sex is described as a chemical to research.

Some people experience the use of 3 mmc as such a pleasure. They describe a feeling of endless energy. Using 3 mmc as a designer drug is associated with stamina to experience sex for longer periods of time in order to take sex to new levels. You also experience pleasure and talk to everyone. It gives your body a high. It makes you completely happy and you experience a euphoric feeling, at least this is described by abusers of 3 MMC.

Research Chemicals Team sells 3 MMC and sex exclusively for Research Purposes

Mostly you can compare the feeling you get from 3 mmc to a combination of the drug speed, mdma, ghb and coke.

3-Methylmethcathinone. Svg

3 methylmethcathinone

3 mmc is also known as 3 methylmethcathinone.

Is 3 mmc meow meow?

There is a lot of misunderstanding in the designer drug world about 3 mmc and sex.

When people talk about meow meow we are actually talking about mefedron (4-MMC).

More often than not, people talk about the substance 3-mmc and sex when they refer to meow meow but still these are 2 different things.

Meow Meow Or 4-Mmc


Mephedrone, in English mephedrone; 4-methylmethcathinone, 4-MMC) is an amphetamine-like substance that is white. The effect of 4-MMC can be compared to a combination of MDMA and cocaine. Cocaine can cause addiction and is bad for the heart. If you have heart problems do not take cocaine.

The Research Chemical on the Market in Crystal, Powder and Pill Form.

This research chemical is widely available on the market in the form of crystal, powder and pill form. It is made as a research chemical and is not intended for research purposes. The RCT website only sells research chemicals for research purposes. These are not intended for human consumption. Some people still use it.

Drugs and safety

Mefedron has been found in several different types of drugs.

When you buy drugs you don’t know what you are putting into your body.

A controlled substance is therefore a lot safer than a standard hard drug.

  • You don’t know who produced the drug
  • You don’t know how pure the drug is
  • You don’t know how strong the drug is
  • You are taking risks every time you unregulated and illegal drugs
  • You don’t know what the effects of the drugs are in the short term and in the longer term
  • At the end of 2009 mefedron was found in the UK in the drugs XTC pills and GHB. This also shows that you are never sure what drugs you are taking.

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The effects of 3 MMC and sex when used.

The effects of mmc are stimulating, aphrodisiac and can be mildly mind-expanding. Users describe a euphoric, energetic and tingling sensation. You will also be able to enjoy electronic dance music better, open yourself up more and tend to talk about nonsensical subjects. The use of 3 MMC and sex is therefore comparable to XTC and MDMA.

3 MMC and sex with involvement to MDMA

The sensation of involvement with other people is on the other hand a lot less than with MDMA and XTC. 3 MMC and sex, on the other hand, is much like a combination of XTC and Cocaine.

Mdma Changer

The duration of action of 3 MMC

Over 15 minutes to 1 hour after taking 3 mmc, the first effects are noticeable. When you snort 3mmc the effects are noticeable within minutes. 3 MMC has an average duration of action of 1 hour to 1.5 hours. Very occasionally 2 hours. It is known among users that after 3 mmc has worn off, it is difficult to fall asleep. The same goes for ghb, speed and XTC. You may experience fatigue after using 3 mmc and sex.

Amphetamine like substances such as 3 MMC

This is common when using amphetamine like substances. Little is known about the dosage. Every user therefore seeks out the desired effect and experiments with the dose himself. There is only information available based on user experiences. The effect therefore differs per dose and per body weight. If you are taking 3 mmc and sex as a human, please take a small dose in order to minimize any risks.

Ethyl Hex Crystal

Disadvantages of 3 mmc and sex

The negative effects of 3 mmc and sex occur mainly with the use of very high dosages, long-term and systematic use. Once again we at RCT would like to emphasize that 3 mmc is sold only as a research chemical and is not intended for human consumption.

Eventual negative effects of 3 mmc and sex may include:

  1. confusion
  2. heart palpitations
  3. Anxiety
  4. Paranoia
  5. Mild Nausea
  6. Headache
  7. Dizziness
  8. Transpiration
  9. Diminished concentration Concentration
  10. Hangover
  11. Fatigue

As with many users, it is clear that a hangover is a standard thing that comes with the use of any drug. Whether it is ghb or xtc. The hangover comes later. It was also found that some users of very high doses sometimes had purple knees and elbows. Little is known about 3 mmc and sex but this is the information that is known.

Addictive effects of 3 mmc and sex when consumed by humans

3 mmc and sex can be addictive when you snort it to make sex feel better. The sex becomes more intense 1 hour after ingestion. The intoxication gives a very nice high that can resemble a variant of XTC. This makes you want to use it for sex. People who use it even though it is not made for human consumption may experience addiction when it is routinely snorted through the nose.

Little is known about the use of 3-MMC and sex

A little is known about the effects of 3-MMC and sex and all its long-term effects. Such a research chemical is regulated and legal just like tobacco and alcohol. 3 mmc is easily available on the internet.

For a reliable supplier of 3 mmc, please visit RCT. RCT is working hard to add new RCs to the menu. We always want to inform our customers about the possible risks of using designer drugs.

Knowing is half the battle and you can prevent any risks. With new developments come new risks and little is still known. We want to inform everyone about the working substance so that there can be little or no misunderstanding.

Despite the fact that little is known, you can do your own research on the internet and at

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  1. Meerdere keren 3MMC genomen voor seks, wordt super opgewonden, maar geslacht krimpt alsof het -30 is en erectie en klaarkomen is geen optie.
    Dat terwijl je wel heel veel zin hebt in een orgasme, grote teleurstelling. Had ik ook altijd bij speed!

    Conlusie: wel geil, geen erectie en geen orgasme! Jammer dus!

    Ow ja, heb ooit een keer Viagra bij speed gebruikt, bloeddruk daalde zo hard dat ik keihard op de grond knalde en out was voor paar seconden!
    Mijn advies: Neem absoluut geen Viagra of andere erectiemiddelen bij uppers! Je hart en lijf krijgen een zware dreun hiervan en het helpt niet!

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