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3M Drugs designer drug

3M drugs are a new psychoactive substance closely related to 4-methylmethcathinone and similar to 4-mmc.

Because the risks of 3m drugs, and the effects need to be thoroughly researched.

This kind of mephedrone is an ideal research chemical, for research purposes.

Because 3-mmc has only been manufactured since 2012, little is known about 3 methylmethcathinone.

3M Drugs is legal according to Dutch law, and is sold at various places.

Users feel alert with 3 methylmethcathinone and is stimulating and slightly mind-altering, users are advised against using 3-mmc.

With research on the designer drug mmc 3 extremely beneficial to science, important information will be gathered.


Introduction about 3M Drugs:

  • What 3mmc is
  • The difference between mmc 3 and 4
  • Drug abuse and the risks of 3-mmc
  • Where to buy 3-mmc

3M Drugs


New psychoactive substance 3-mmc

3 methylmethcathinone which is short for 3-mmc is a substituted designer drug.

It is a mephedrone that little is known about yet, as it is one of the NPS designer drugs.


3-mmc is an extremely suitable substance to use for research, as much information can still be found about it.

The most countries have made 3-mmc illegal, as its effects are abused by people, and the risks of 3-mmc are a problem.

It acts one hour after ingestion, is stimulating and mildly mind-altering, users feel alert with 3-mmc.


You can still legally purchase 3-mmc in the Netherlands, for research purposes only.

The difference between 3m drugs such as 3-mmc and 4-mmc

4-methylmethcathinone is also called 4-mmc.

And is described by abusers in terms of effect, and experienced as the drugs xtc, mdma and cocaine, an hour after ingestion has a strong effect similar to 3-mmc.


The mephedrone 4mmc is also called meow meow, and is banned in the Netherlands.

The difference between 3 methylmethcathinone and 4mmc is an adjustment to the molecular units, which little is known about with mmc 3.

The 4mmc and 3mmc substances are very similar, and are bought by chemists.

Use and risks of 3m drugs

People who abuse the drug 3-mmc are usually at risk of various negative effects.

What is already known from interviews with users is that they abuse the effect of this drug.


Users experience strong effects of prohibited drugs such as: ecstasy, mdma and cocaine.

Users feel alert, it is stimulating and mildly mind-altering, users usually experience anxiety in the process.

Since 3-mmc is available fairly cheaply, and its simulating effects affect users, it may go on to cause persistent addiction.


Read more about the strong negative effects in 3-mmc abuse:

  • Anxiety and Panic Attacks
  • Psychoses
  • Physical damage
  • Dryness
  • Hallucinations
  • Epileptic seizures
  • Chronic major serotonin deficiency

Of 3- mmc users do not yet know the long-term effects.

3M Drugs Buy

Designer drugs such as the NPS substance 3-mmc are legally available in the Netherlands.

This substance is well suited for research purposes, as little is known about its effects.


3-mmc is also very similar to 4mmc, this mephedrone has been banned due to its negative effects.

The same formula in this designer drug is being sold more and more in recent years, by chemists for thorough research.

When buying the designer drug 3-mmc, it is important to have done so from the right place.

For your information, it can be risky to get powder, from an unreliable source.


When you want to buy RCT 3M Drugs

The Research Chemicals Team has been the most visited website since 2020 for buying research chemicals like the designer drug 3-mmc.

This website has a high standard and customer friendliness, and strives to provide desirable products.

The research chemicals on offer are checked for purity, through lab testing of 3-mmc substances.


Quality can therefore be guaranteed, and by partnering with reliable manufacturers, RCT is able to offer a wide range of substances such as 3-mmc.

You will also pay the lowest price for these drugs, and you can sometimes count on extra large discounts when taking a desired drug.

For more information, you can learn more about each designer drug by reading the product information such as mmc 3.

3M Drugs for Chemists

Consumers who purchase a designer drug such as 3-mmc are generally very pleased with their purchase.

The high level of purity that comes standard makes for an ideal substance to study.


In addition, they are satisfied with ordering substances easily and quickly and having reliability with every purchase.

RCT has an ever-expanding customer base of chemists, eager to contribute to science.


Designer drugs such as 3-mmc are always in stock at RCT at the most competitive prices!


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