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The new psychoactive substance: 3mmc (3 methylmethcathinone) also called meow meow, and thus belongs to the new psychoactive substances and its chemical structure belongs to the group of synthetic cathinones. Also called ‘s compared to crystal meth. Crystal meth is a well-known drug from the amphetamine family.

This remedy has become very popular in the past year. More and more people have been using this drug in the past year. There is especially an increase among young users. Young users may react more sensitively to these agents.

These new psychoactive substances are also called designer drugs.

Designer drugs are prohibited in advance. Banned in advance, most designer drugs are still legal now, but will be banned later.

is a Designer Drug that is legally available for use in research purposes.

This research chemical has special properties of which not everything is known.

Read this text where we provide important information about the nps: 3-mmc.




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  1. What is 3mmc?
  2. Why people buy designer drugs like 3-mmc
  3. Research Chemical are intended and used in research
  4. Where you can buy 3 mmc
  5. Know where to buy meow meow
  6. The Research Chemicals Team

What is 3mmc?

3 mmc is one of the many designer drugs that have been placed on the list of legal narcotics by law in the Netherlands.

This makes the mephedrone 3 methylmethcathinone ideal for research purposes.

And 3mmc is legally sold in various places in the Netherlands. easy availability of designer drugs can lead to dependence. But the simple availability can serve well for research purposes.

The full name of 3-mmc: 3 methylmethcathinone is a mephedrone, and comes from the family of substituted cathinones.

3-mmc is closely related to the molecular structure of the well-known 4-mmc.

And 3-mmc is generally used for research, as the overall effects cannot be ruled out. The government is currently working on a ban for this drug.

A strong urge for this drug may occur. A strong urge, just like for Cocaine, can cause dependence. Addiction has increased in recent years. Also because this product is cheap, for a tenner per gram you already have something to use.

These drugs are usually sold through online web shops and can therefore be easily purchased online.



Since 4-mmc has been banned for a while

Can no more research be performed on the mephedrone 4-mmc.

And is 3-mmc the only legal way to do research on these NPS.

The designer drug 3-mmc has been identified in Sweden since 2012.

Meow Meow is legally available and is sold by various providers.

Since the emergence of this new psychoactive substance, little is known about the effect,

risks and the like of 3-mmc, making the designer drug very interesting.



To learn more about 3-mmc

By testing 3-mmc more and conducting extensive research,

the various aspects and effect of these NPS will become clear.

Allowing 3 mmc to be fully and extensively studied in research purposes. The government is currently working on a ban on this drug.





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3mmc gives chemists the chance to find out:

  • What are the reaction and effects of 3 mmc on other molecular structures
  • How to adjust the structure of 3 methylmethcathinone
  • What are the great properties of 3mmc
  • Whether the unit of 3 methylmethcathinone can be improved

If you are looking for a reliable source to purchase your 3mmc.


Can we advise you to do this at the website of the Research Chemical Team.

Moreover, you not only save money on drugs here, because you are assured of,

a pure quality 3-mmc product, for use in scientific findings.

Why People Buy Designer Drugs

The reasons why people buy synthetic drugs such as 3-mmc can be varied.

The drug 3-mmc is for research use only, and is regularly purchased by chemists.

Because 4-mmc has been banned for some time and 4-mmc is no longer legal.

Yet there are also a group of people who abuse drugs such as meow meow.



Not meant to use 3-mmc

Since too little is known about the effects of 3-methylmethcathinone,

in both the short and the long term.

We do not recommend using 3-mmc and any form of NPS. worrisome signs may occur after use. Worrying signs such as palpitations can occur. A clear signal such as palpitations is serious. Stay away from it and only buy this product for research.

RCT does not sell any research chemical to people under the age of 18!

If you would like to learn more about our regulations, please feel free to read our FAQ.

The standards and values ​​that RCT adheres to are exuberantly described here.


Research Chemicals are for research

Since all forms of research chemicals such as 3mmc have a negative effect

and 3 methylmethcathinone cause mental and physical complaints, in the short and long term.

Is it not recommended to abuse the substance 3-mmc.

Thanks to the law, 3-mmc is still legally available in the Netherlands, but it is not yet certain how long this will take.

The mephedrone 3 methylmethcathinone has similar effects to other narcotics and is addictive.

Users also report that the effects of 3mmc are very similar to a combination between MDMA and cocaine.



Already known negative symptoms of 3mmc are:

  • Users sometimes feel severe anxiety and panic attacks with 3-mmc
  • More sweating one hour after taking 3-mmc
  • Dehydration one hour after taking 3 methylmethcathinone
  • Users experience headache or severe headache from 3-mmc
  • Strong urge for more 3 mmc (addiction) an hour after taking Meow Meow
  • Users experience a strong need to talk one hour after taking 3-mmc
  • Suffering from a dry mouth and little saliva production an hour after taking Meow Meow
  • Difficulty sleeping or not being able to sleep at all due to 3 methylmethcathinone
  • Users sometimes report feeling psychotic after using 3mmc

The dose of drugs determines how much these negative symptoms can be experienced.

It is also known that using 3-mmc is similar to cocaine and MDMA,

which is attractive to some people to take advantage of,

and where few can part with this product.

A broader ban against these substances is being worked on but will take some time. They can’t just introduce a broader ban. First there is a process, just like with other existing illegal drugs. Waiting a moment longer until the ban is in place is not recommended. Don’t wait a moment longer to order designer drugs until they are illegal!



3 methylmethcathinone is addictive

The substance and new drugs 3mmc will have a very large impact on the psyche when used,

and causes irreversible damage to the human body when used in the long term.

The risks that are already known from 3mmc can be compared to the banned chemical: 4-mmc.

If you think you may have developed an addiction to 3-mmc, or have become dependent on meow meow, seek help from substance abuse providers.



You can contact addiction care such as GGZ

If you are afraid and/or unable to seek help,

ask family, friends or the like for help with 3-mmc addiction.

An addiction to psychoactive substances such as 3mmc is: done quickly, intense, depressing, hopeless,

and will involve a lot of dangerous risks.

Never play for your own guinea pig and avoid any use of 3mmc/4mmc powder.



Know where to buy Meow Meow

Before buying 3mmc, it is certainly important to get a reliable source in the market.

Buying these psychoactive substances is risky and, moreover, dangerous.

Some 3-mmc providers can give you:

  • Scam
  • Giving unwanted RCs
  • Misuse of personal data

If you would like to purchase 3 mmc, you are not waiting for these risks.

Not only does this violate trust in doing business online, but it can take a toll on you financially.

Before buying RCs for research purposes, we can advise you to use,

the most reliable website on the internet called:  Research Chemical s Team

The Research Chemicals Team

Here you can buy various types of research drugs, just like 3 mmc without suspicion.

These RCs are in the list of legal substances, which are ideal for use in research.

Buying 3 mmc from RCT saves you not only a lot of money.

Because you will be assured of pure, and lab tested 3mmc.

Meauw Meauw can be ordered directly at any time of the day.

And will be delivered the next working day, to the desired delivery location.

To which 3-mmc is immediately ready for use in research

You can order 3mmc in both powder capsules and 3-mmc pure crystals.

And buying a dose of for example, 3 mmc powder is done in a short time.

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