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3mmc alternatives

Looking for alternatives or do you want to try something other than 3 mmc ?

Then look no further.

We help you choose the right alternative product or drug that is not banned.

In this blog we want to inform you whether there are also alternatives to 3mmc. We sell drugs for a fair price.

Order 3mmc alternatives in our webshop now!

We do not sell these products for human consumption!
3Mmc Alternatieven Niet Voor Menselijke Consumptie


  1. What are research chemicals?
  2. A few 3 mmc alternatives
  3. Where is the best place to buy these 3mmc alternatives?
  4. About our Team
  5. GDPR Act & Cookies

What is a Research Chemical?

These chemicals are usually considered an alternative to illegal drugs.

Research Chemicals can usually be purchased legally online because it is not yet mentioned in the Opium Act.

Because little research has been done on research chemicals, not everyone can judge how dangerous these substances can be and because little research has been done on them, drugs such as 3-CMC powder are legally offered and are therefore not prohibited.

The cabinet and State Secretary Paul Blokhuis have finally succeeded! There is a ban on the drug 3-MMC. The cabinet, the minister and the police are mainly concerned with public health, forbidding young people and hating each other and can therefore appear confused, but there is simply appreciation for their work.

3-MMC can no longer be bought legally and that’s why we offer a number of alternatives here for the drug 3-MMC. With us you buy drugs for a fair price. You will not find such a fair price anywhere else.

Order the best 3MMC alternatives for a fair price!

A few 3mmc alternatives

3MMC is a psychoactive substance that is currently used as an ecstasy or MDMA substitute or as a legal substitute for speed powder that is often used at parties. Unlike 3-mmc, these alternatives can therefore be purchased legally. We offer all variants for a fair price. You will not find such a fair price anywhere else.

For some people, quitting drugs is difficult, although frequent use can lead to tolerance and boredom for some. There is no appreciation for this.

Using different types of designer drugs is your responsibility! We clearly state that we do not offer all the products in our range for human use

We sell all products in our range for research purposes only.

If you order these designer drugs from us, have them delivered to your home and still choose to use these different types of drugs that we offer yourself, you are responsible for any harmful health consequences that the use of these different types of designer drugs.

Remember that little research has been done on these drugs, so if you choose to use these drugs anyway, you are playing for your own guinea pig.

This research chemical is our most sold product. We sell drugs for a fair price.

Below are a few alternatives that you can buy from us for a fair price.

  1. 4-FMA
  2. 2-FMA
  3. AL-LAD
  4. 1P-LSD


4-fma is an alternative amphetamine-like substance that you can replace if you are looking for active social drugs anyway. This is a good alternative to 3-MMC powder and it is not banned yet.


2-FMA is an analogous mirror of the original isotope of amphetamine.

Is usually sold as an amphetamine substitute and is also a good alternative for 3-MMC.


You can try these designer drugs if you find LSD too intense and want to experience something different than 3mmc.

Almost the same structure as lysergic acid diethylamide, also sometimes called LSD. This is more common in paper than capsules, in case you fancy other effects.


1P-LSD is a milder form of LSD that is not as intense is like LSD.

A trip usually takes a little less time and we focus on that in another article, you know that if everything concerns research chemicals you can visit our website.

1P-LSD is a very good variant for the popular psychedelic drug LSD.


Where can I buy research chemical 3mmc alternatives?

Our webshop features a wide range of designer drugs that you can choose as an alternative to 3mmc.

Our webshop is also the best supplier of these products because we test our products for purity and quality.

All products are shipped discreetly, packaged and sold for research purposes.

Order the best 3mmc alternatives in our webshop! You will find a choice of enough 3mmc alternatives in our range

About our Team

For public health, we want to offer these products for research purposes.

We are a young team specialized in offering different types of designer drugs. Because the market for research chemicals is growing and the demand for different types of designer drugs is increasing, we try to meet the increasing demand with our webshop by offering high quality designer drugs.

By offering a wide range of popular designer drugs, offering fast home delivery and providing expert advice to customers on different types of designer drugs, we are at the top of the web shops selling designer drugs .

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