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3MMC Drugs

4 Mmc En 3Mmc

3-mmc also known as 3-Methylmethcathinone, 3MMC, Metaphedrone,

and cat is a designer drug from the cathinone group. This drug belongs to the group of synthetic cathinones

The chemical structure of 3-mmc is very similar chemically in structure,

to the older known drug mephedrone and the banned drugs 4-mmc.

3mmc drugs are research drugs and are legally available for research.

What are new psychoactive substances?

These new drugs, Designer drugs, or NPS for short are called research drugs, legal highs or RCs.

These substances have a psychoactive effect.

These may be substances that have been synthesized a long time ago and are only now appearing on the market,

or they are substances that have been newly developed.

Some examples are 4-mmc, 3-mmc, 2-fa and 2c-b.

Synthetic weed also falls under this category. Some drugs are banned in advance. Designer drugs may also be banned in advance. Crystal meth is sometimes used, but crystal meth is much stronger than most drugs.


Are designer drugs or other drugs legal?

With designer drugs (also called research drugs)

new connections are made with molecules each time,

which creates a new variant of the existing designer drug.

Banning in one go is not an easy thing to do for this reason and it can take years before a country

if the Netherlands chooses to ban a certain substance.

Therefore, it is possible to legally purchase some substances and use them for research.

The government is currently working on a ban on these substances. The cabinet is also currently working on a ban for 3-MMC. A clear sign that they are working on it. And a clear signal that that ban will come.

A broader ban will take some time, they cannot just introduce a broader ban. They will wait a moment longer. Wait more than a moment longer. Going against a ban ban can happen. Going against a ban happens more often.

Due to its easy availability, use among young users has increased in the past year. The easy availability makes it easy for young users to buy. Stay away from it. Do not use this drug, stay away from it. This drug has become popular in recent years.

Illegal drugs are on list ii of the Opium Act. Illegal drugs fall on list ii of the Opium Act.

Know where to buy 3mmc drugs

This opens up a world for chemists eager to learn more about a chemical formula.

This will be an advantage for science and many discoveries can take place.

If you are interested in buying a designer drug, it is only advisable

to ensure that you purchase the fabric from a reputable dealer.

This way you prevent fraud or obtaining fabrics that are not at all what you ordered.

At RCT, customers always buy an rc safely and reliably, with a very high degree of purity.

You can discreetly order 3 mmc and pay the lowest price for an rc in the Benelux. Designer resources are usually sold online. Ordering online is easy.


Make a small chemical adjustment

When they make a little chemical adjustment,

come this way, these variations are not on the Opium Act

and therefore do not fall under illegal drugs, and are therefore legal in the Netherlands.

These adjustments ensure that a new legal designer drug is created.

However, this should apply purely for research purposes and not for street trade,

which is illegal and poses an additional risk.

In recent years, more and more groups of designer drugs have entered the market

and increasing popularity in recreational use.

Despite everything is now largely legal, the Dutch government still wants to

a new law to make substances illegal and thus banned.

The House of Representatives has said they are working on a total ban on designer drugs.

The Dutch government is working on this, but it has not yet been implemented to ban everything.

The substance 3-mmc

The new psychoactive substance 3-mmc has become increasingly known as a new drug in recent years,

this new substance was created when 4-mmc became illegal.

3-mmc is not yet on the Opium Act, but will be from the autumn of 2021

may be prohibited, it is therefore important to always check this!

Waar 3-Mmc Kopen

The Effects of 3mmc Drugs

The effect of 3-mmc is stimulating, but worrying signals can also occur. Worrying signs such as palpitations.

Users say the effect resembles a cross between ecstasy and cocaine. And

Most users indicate when 3-mmc is used as a drug

they have a strong urge to take when the effect wears off.

3-mmc is very similar to  4-mmc, but that does not mean that the effects and risks are the same.

Users feel mental and physical effects at 3mmc

  • No tired feeling
  • Boosting effect
  • Feel like a lot of social contact
  • Dry mouth
  • Light consciousness-altering
  • More sex drive
  • More empathy
  • More confidence

Users also feel negative effects with 3mmc drugs

  • Nausea
  • Need to keep taking more, which can become addictive
  • Tensioned muscles
  • Restlessness headache
  • Increased body temperature
  • Epileptic seizure
  • Signs of dehydration
  • Fear
  • Aggression
  • Getting addicted

Little known about 3mmc drugs

Because little scientific research has been done on 3mmc drugs

compared to other drugs, the risks are therefore much higher.

The trimbos institute also says that in these new groups of designer drugs

you play for your own guinea pig.

People who use 3mmc drugs report that they regularly feel a strong urge to take supplements,

which can turn into an addiction just like any other drug.

Addiction occurs when someone keeps wanting and taking a new dose,

and eventually become mentally and physically dependent on it, such as with cocaine.

3mmc drugs not intended for human use

The human body can take a lot, but it’s not safe to play guinea pig yourself with all these new resources. Users often feel good feelings with 3-mmc, such as increased self-confidence, better communication with people, euphoric feeling and increased need and desire for sex. Although these feelings are fun, there is a downside, the negative effects or an addiction. As mentioned before, many people who fall under the young people say that they after taking 3-mmc they feel fatigued and exhausted. In addition, many people become nauseous or get a headache from 3 mmc. The human use of 3 mmc is not intended and is strongly discouraged!

Buying new psychoactive substances

3mmc drugs are legally available as a research chemical on our website.

With us you can be assured that the purest possible quality 3mmc drugs is supplied,

which has been tested by lab technicians.

We only sell 3mmc drugs as a research chemical and not for human consumption!

Despite many people using 3-mmc as a stimulant, we strongly advise against this.

On the street it is usually sold as a drug,

which can be addictive and street trading is prohibited by law.

Some other vendors also sell 3-mmc as a party drug,

this does not mean that we support abuse of 3 mmc, quite the contrary.

Would you also like other information about different chemicals?

Then look further on our website, you can easily type what you are looking for via the search bar. You can set an enlarged font yourself.

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