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Research Chemicals: 3-MMC

3-, also known as 3-MMC.

It is a designer drug (research chemical) that first appeared in Sweden in 2012.

3 mmc a mephedrone from the cathinone group and is the formula in terms of chemical structure

comparable to 4-mmc powder that has been declared vMethylmethcathinoneerboden in the Netherlands for some time.

That is why the substitute 3-mmc powder has already been banned in many countries for this reason.


Transport Mechanism

Through extensive testing on animals, scientists have found out what the properties

of 3-mmc crystals and it became clear that the uptake of

clearly inhibits norepinephrine and provides significant

dopaminergic vs serotonergic ratio.

The transport mechanism of dopamine, noradrenaline and serotonin

is thus blocked using 3-mmc and the inhibition of 3mmc is stronger than 4-mmc.

For example, abusers who buy 3-mmc describe the drug as being between amphetamine and ecstasy.

3-mmc not for human consumption!

Moleculaire Structuur Research Chemicals Soorten Synthetische Cannabinoïden-Opiumwet

The so-called research chemical 3-mmc is a fairly new kind of designer drug

product that is suitable and intended solely for research purposes.

Because little is known about the chemical structure of 3 methylmethcathinone

and 3-mmc has not been tested extensively, it is not recommended to use 3-mmc recreationally.

Therefore, 3-mmc has not been found to be suitable for human consumption.

Following the abuse of 3 methylmethcathinone, it has been concluded that

3-mmc causes damage to the body in such a way that determines the behavior of the user.

Buying 3 mmc should be done for research purposes only. We do not recommend buying 3-MMC for other purposes. It is best to buy 3-MMC for your research, not for your nose.

Don't abuse 3-mmc!

Buying the chemical 3mmc is not intended for human consumption and buying 3mmc is

available for science and research purposes only.

Designer drugs such as 3-mmc are highly addictive and have a negative impact on

the receptors of the brain where long-term use causes a chronic deficiency

and dysregulation of the dopamine receptors, serotonin receptors and norepinephrine.

We only sell lab tested products including our 3-MMC!

Long-term irreparable damage

This has long-term consequences, with recovery taking longer than six months

determines the severity of the abuser’s addiction.

Severe depression, listless life and less happy feelings in general will

3-mmc withdrawal are discussed.

The brain’s reward system is reprogrammed when addiction occurs.

In addition, the body will suffer irreparable damage in the long term, of which still

exactly is known what the impact will be on specific organs when someone uses it.

Side Effects of 3-mmc

If this research chemical is misused, side effects may occur.

For example, 3-mmc can cause irritation to the eyes and also cause irritation to the respiratory tract.

That is why it is important when 3mmc is tested in a laboratory for

research purposes, adherence to the safety standard established within

keep the lab to rule out risk.

Wearing protective glasses and a mouth cap already offers a lot of protection

against the dangers of accidental consumption of 3-mmc.

It is also important to store research chemicals in a dark and cool place.

Research Chemicals must be kept out of the reach of children at all times!

How do you handle chemicals responsibly?

Firstly, it is important to maintain the quality of your chemicals that you keep them in a tightly closed container.

In addition, these chemicals such as 3-MMC can cause respiratory irritation as well as eye irritation.

If you have inadvertently inhaled this substance, we recommend that you adopt a position that facilitates breathing.

If you get these chemicals such as 3-MMC in your eye, just rinsing gently with water is enough to clean your eyes and remove any contact lenses if you are wearing them.

If this substance gets on your hands, washing with soap is enough to get your hands clean. Continue to rinse with water.

If a victim becomes unwell, seek medical advice immediately and let the affected person rest and move to fresh air.

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Where can you buy RC's for research purposes?


Dutch legislation has not yet ruled on most research chemicals

that are available so that buying 3 mmc is still legally possible.

Buying 3mmc is not very difficult today as most providers of

research chemicals can be found online and you cannot buy 3mmc in smart shops.

The disadvantage of this is that you do not know in advance whether a webshop is safe and reliable.

Without thorough research you run the risk that:
  1. You are being scammed when buying 3mmc
  2. Receives substances that are unrecognizable
  3. Data Abuse

Test for purity without obligation

These are points that no one wants to experience and can cause a lot of unwanted damage.

Therefore, pay close attention to where you can buy 3-mmc without running any risk.

In any case, it is always possible to have your research chemicals tested at the GGD.

The GGD is usually not that far from your home, where you can discreetly store your 3-mmc crystals

tested in a controlled lab and assessed for purity.

You will then receive the results the next day.

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