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3-MMC is a research chemical that has been on the market since 2012.

This designer drug is regularly used for research purposes.

3 methylmethcathinone is a mephedrone from the family of Cathones.

We are going to explain to you:

  • What exactly 3-mmc is
  • Why 3-mmc is so commonly sold
  • Why 3 – mmc should not be misused
  • Safely and discreetly buy 3-mmc
  • Buy 3-mmc at RCT

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What is 3-MMC?

3MMC is a form of mephedrone from the family of substituted Cathons, and is also known as meow meow.

The formula has been altered, to which the structure of the molecular units, is still very similar to the already known 4-mmc.

As 4mmc is known for being banned for several years, by Dutch law.

M 3MMC is still legal, and can be obtained in several different ways.

Why 3-MMC is so popular

The reason 3mmc is so popular is because 3-mmc is a designer drug, which can be obtained cheaply.

3-mmc is a substance that can be recognized by its crystal forms, and most people order 3-mmc in powder form.

In addition, it is one of the new products, which have been recognized as research chemicals.

Therefore, little is known about 3-mmc, and what the effect of this designer drug is.

From 4-mmc it is already known that it has an addictive effect when abused 4-mmc research chemicals.

This is the reason that 4-mmc has been declared illegal in most countries, compared to 3-mmc.

3MMC must not be abused!

3 methylmethcathinone is for research purposes only!

Misuse of 3-mmc has already shown in studies to have a very destructive effect on the human body.

Research chemicals such as 3-mmc are legal, but only for thorough research.

The effect of 3-mmc is not fully known, where if consumed 3-mmc can cause permanent damage.

Human consumption of 4-mmc has claimed victims in the past

This is why we do not recommend consuming the research chemical 3mmc!

Lab Testing Of Designer Drugs

Buy 3-MMC

You can buy 3-mmc in several ways these days.

Research chemicals such as 3-mmc are offered many times on the internet.

Since the substance 3-mmc is a legal designer drug in the Netherlands, it is not difficult to find.

The price to buy 3 methylmethcathinone powder per gram is reasonably affordable, making it a popular choice.

Buying 3mmc crystal aka meow meow, does have some negatives.

Designer drugs or research chemicals are offered as a service, on the Internet.

Many websites offering research chemicals like 3-mmc are unreliable.

When you source 3-MMC incorrectly, you risk:

  • Get fake 3-mmc
  • Get no 3-mmc
  • Unknown powder
  • Black quality 3 mmc to get
  • Misuse of personal data

Since we regularly research reliable and unreliable 3mmc providers.

We would like to inform you that you should take note of this.

So that you do not get skimmed by faulty 3MMC merchants.

Research Chemical 3MMC buy from RCT

Buying 3-mmc from some websites is reliable.

The research chemicals team has proven this, by scoring very high in customer reviews.

In addition to buying 3-mmc, RCT offers a very wide range of designer drugs.

These research chemicals are all legal and recognized by Dutch law.

We sell quality 3-mmc supplied daily by certified manufacturers.

Our manufacturers’ chemists, as a service, ensure that your 3-mmc is of the highest possible purity.

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RCT has, besides 3-MMC, other Research chemicals for sale:

Additional information:

When buying 3-mmc you can decide how many grams you want.

The cost will drop with a large quantity of 3-mmc per gram.

What can be advantageous for you!

3-Methylmethcathinone Synthetic Cathinone Metaphedrone 3Mmc

You do not need to create an account to place an order.

Once you have entered your details and paid your bill, your 3-mmc package will be delivered quickly.

All packages containing research chemicals, are discreetly sent only.

The delivery time for orders is on average 3 working days in the Netherlands.

We have been guaranteeing the best quality research chemicals since 2021, which has made us a very successful company.

Ordering 3mmc with the highest possible purity is of course most reliable with, the research chemicals team.

If you have any questions about designer drugs, product information, or have a question about goods ordered.

Then you can send our customer service team an e mail at any time of the day.

Our customer service team will respond to your enquiries within 24 hours.

The Research Chemicals Team has been providing desirable Designer Drugs since 2021!

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