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4-fmp(f) also known as 4-fluoroamphetamine, flux, 4flava and 4-fa is an amphetamine that can be compared to MDMA or speed.

This has both entactogenic and stimulant properties when used recreationally.

4-fmp, better known as 4FMP, falls under hard drugs/designer drugs and is often sold as a powder, but sometimes also in pill form.


What is 4 FMP and how 4-FMP works (buy)

And the doses for recreational use of the 4FMP

When people do this for recreational use, there are different dosages.

A light dose is usually between 70 and 100mg.

A medium dose between 100 and 150mg.

Doses above 150mg are described as intense and heavy.

Recreational Users Buying 4-Fluoroamphetamine

Recreational users usually take 4-fmp as a powder, which can be snorted or capsuled.

Therefore, we do not recommend using 4-FMP for consumption purposes:

Physical Effects of 4FMP
  • dry mouth
  • headache
  • dry throat
  • high heart rate
  • high body temperature and sweating
  • dilated pupils
Mental effects of these research chemicals
  • more energy
  • want to talk a lot
  • more sense of contact and intimacy
  • happy or euphoric feeling
  • confusion and anxiety at high doses
The risks of 4FMP
  • gloom and fear
  • high blood pressure which can lead to a brain haemorrhage
  • water poisoning due to a lot of drinking in a short time due to a dry mouth
  • severe headache

Stijgend Aantal Incidenten Signaal Afgegeven Negatieve Effecten

Is 4fmp (buy) legal?

The amphetamine 4fmp has been illegal in the Netherlands since May 2017 and is on list 1 of the Opium Act.

We do not sell this product as a research chemical.

We also strongly advise against using our other research chemicals for consumption purposes and absolutely do not sell them as designer drugs!

Don’t buy 4fmp, which research chemicals should?

Because buying 4fmp is illegal, (also as a research chemical) but you still want to buy something similar, we offer 4-fma.

The designer drug 4FMP is completely legal and that is why we offer it on our site to order, this is not for consumption but purely for research purposes!

Research with 4-FMA Buying

4-FMA belongs to the group of new psychoactive substances.

If you want to buy this from us, we would like to let you know again that we strongly advise against consumption.

If you still think I want to buy 4 fma, you have come to the right place.

We deliver the best quality 4 fma because everything is researched in the lab.

As a result, we guarantee that our products are not contaminated with the wrong substances.

4-Ho-Met Kopen Research Chemical

Buy 4-FMA with the best quality

Our focus is on delivering good quality, which we consider to be an absolute minimum to offer.

With buy 4-fma you can be sure that the delivery will arrive safely when you go to buy this.

Compared to some other vendors, this can be negligent at the moment.

With this we reduce unreliability or dissatisfied customers.

Where can I buy research chemicals, and where can I buy 4-FMP?

We can currently deliver faster and provide you with a better service!

In addition to 4 fma, you can also buy other research chemicals from us.

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Questions about delivery and payments? You can contact our costumer support!

There are various payment options with us, such as iDeal and Bitcoins!

For questions you can always look at the FAQ section or send us an e-mail or whatsapp message!

We try to answer these as soon as possible.

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