Adb-butinaca the new RC

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Adb-butinaca: the new RC

Welcome to the website of research chemicals team!

In this article we would like to introduce to you, one of our popular research chemicals,


Because this product is kind of new on the market, there has not been a lot of research done to this new chemical and that is why there is little known about this chemical.

With that being said, we still have butinaca adb available in our web shop for you to buy!

Read more about ADB-Butinaca in this article!

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Adb-butinaca, in some synthetic cannabis products

butinca-adb is found in synthetic cannabis products.

It can be a potent agonist and is being used all over the world in different countries by different people.

It is structurally similar to known to look like cannabis structures, chemical structures.

You can easily order the research chemical adb butinaca on our website! You only have to visit our website, once you are on our website you can click on ‘powders’ and from there you can simply click on the product adb butinaca powder. 

After clicking on the product ADB butinaca powder, you can simply add the product to your shopping cart and choose one of our payment options. 

The product is intended for research purposes only. Just like our other related products. Our other related products are all sold for scientific purposes. If your intention is to use this products for own consumption or you have any other motives than to use this product for scientific purposes, then we strongly advise you to not buy the products. Unless forensic toxicology is part of your research.

The product is new on the market

As said it is structurally similar to known synthetic cannabinoids.

With that said it could be seen as a cannabis replacement.

The product is new on the market.

Butinaca-adb is already on the market for quite some time but in the last years popularity has been growing.

That is why we decided to add to the list on our shop and give you the best quality of products!

We want to serve you the best options that are available.

Our products have been known to have an effect on the metabolism. Butinaca powder is also known under different scietific names, fang a, cannaert a, ametovski a, indazole 3 carboxamide, nm and, nm and  1 butyl. Watch kevin rc or pike e talk about this subjects and adb butinaca.

Order adb butinaca now!

An analytical reference standard

After analytical reference standard that has been made there could have been made for sure that weed and cannabis look like butinaca-adb.

Or the other way around ;).

If you have experience with similar substances that may help you with your research.

The product is intended for getting you to know more about the chemical.

With hard formulas like n 1 amino 3,3 dimethyl 1 oxobutan or like dimethyl 1 oxobutan 2 yl 1 there should be enough research to fullfil your needs.

If not, do not hesitate to get in contact with us because maybe we can help you with ideas!

An ingredient like butinaca adb

This product is intended for research use.

It is meant for research and forensic applications.

We don’t stimulate use for own use.

We only sell the chemicals intended for research and forensic use.

If you do decide to use it for own use that is all on your own risk, we don’t stimulate human use!

N 1 Amino 3,3 Dimethyl 1 Oxobutan 1 Oxobutan 2 Yl Dimethyl 1 Oxobutan 2 Oxobutan 2 Yl 1

Similar to known synthetic substances

Butinaca adb is similar to known synthetic substances that are more familiar to people.

An analytical reference standard would be weed.

Weed is being widely used by millions of people from every country on the world.

Adb butinaca, this product is intended not for human consumption Buy adb butinaca for research purposes.

Product intended for research and exploration

As said before this product we sell is being sold under the circumstances that we sell it for research or forensic use; if not, you use it on your own risk!

We advise using it for research and forensic applications because that is what we have meant it for to sell to you.

Questions about products?

Do you have any questions about our shop or the products we sell, or about synthetic cannabinoids.

Dont wait to ask help from us.

We are more than happy to serve you and get you through the order process.

Just contact our customer service on our website and we will help you as soon as possible!


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ADB-Butinaca is a popular alternative for cannabis. Add to shopping cart. Buying ADB-Butinaca should only be done for research purpose! We do not sell our products like ADB-Butinaca for human consumption.
Using research chemicals like ADB-Butinaca could be dangerous because we do not know yet what harm these chemicals cause. If you still choose to use ADB-Butinaca or other research chemicals, then this is your own responsibility, be careful with these chemicals. 

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