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Benzos (benzodiazepines) are most commonly used as medicines for mental health or sleep problems.

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Introductory types of benzo buy

There are different types of benzo products which you can buy from us you can buy online at the lowest price such as:

  • Clonazolam
  • Flualprazolam
  • Diclazelam
  • Etizolam


The first time clonazolam was synthesised, happened in 1971.

It was described as the ”benzo” with the most active compound among all benzodiazepines as of 2021.

Can last 2 hours


Flualprazolam was first synthesised in 1976.

It is similar to the well known Xanax the difference is that flualprazolam mirrors the same molecule as xanax.

Can last 2-3 hours


Diclazelam was first synthesised in 1960 by Leo Sternbach.

It can be compared to diazepam (valium) difference is that diclazelam is a structural analogue of diclazelam.

Can last 3-4 hours.


Etizolam was first synthesised in Japan in 1972.

Authorised for medical use, available in pharmacies on doctor’s prescription.

This product is used as a replacement for drugs that do not work afterwards.

Can last 4-6 hours

About Research Chemicals Team


We are a young company founded by a chemist who has had the opportunity to synthesize numerous drugs.

Research Chemicals Team collaborates with certified labs also abroad.

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