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Which (prohibited) drugs are most commonly used?

Caffeine is our drug of choice.

It is in tea, coffee, many soft drinks and colas, some sweets, is in many medicines and is available in over-the-counter stimulants such as energy drinks.

In addition to drugs in general, alcohol is the most commonly used drug, followed by nicotine in tobacco cigarettes and other tobacco products.

In terms of illegal and prohibited drugs, cannabis, hashish and marijuana are by far the most commonly used drug.

This is followed by cocaine and ecstasy (ecstasy).

The latest data from the Bureau of National Statistics, for March 2020, drug info:

Overall drug use remained stable, with approximately 1 in 11 adults aged 16 to 59 having used a drug in the past 12 months (52 weeks).

However, there were differences between the age groups.

It can be seen that drug use was much more common in younger adults, although again the percentage of 16- to 24-year-olds (youngsters) using drugs was similar to the previous year.

“Cannabis, hashish and weed remained the most commonly used drugs, followed by the hard drug powder cocaine.

However, the proportion of users who used powder cocaine more than once a month decreased in the end of March 2020.”

Reliable drug info, drugs usage:

For most individual drug types, including cannabis, ecstasy, powder cocaine, new psychoactive substances (NPS or Research Chemicals) and nitrous oxide, there were no changes in drug use over the past year.

However, there were decreases in the use of two low-volume drugs and the percentage of frequent users of powder cocaine, amphetamine (speed), and heroin.

Call the drug information line for more information about drugs. You can reach the drug information line on working days between normal office hours. Questions about different drugs are answered. You can also have your drugs tested. If you have your drugs tested in time, you can use them more safely. So get your drugs tested in time!!

For example, you can have your ecstasy pills tested, in addition to ecstasy pills, you can also have other drugs tested. There are also new psychoactive substances called designer drugs. You cannot have this tested. Because these new psychoactive substances are not yet known.

The current database of the large national system does not provide all information and statistics about drug users and their use. You can go to PSYQ and have your drugs tested on the spot some days. If you want to know this in advance, check out the site.


Cannabis remains the most commonly used drug in the past 12 months among adults aged 16 to 59 and 16 to 24 year olds, at 7.8% and 18.7% respectively; this is much higher than the second most used drug in the past 12 months, powder cocaine use among 16 to 59 year olds (2.6%) and nitrous oxide use among 16 to 24 year olds (8.7 %).


Last 12 month amphetamine (speed) use among adults aged 16 to 59 fell 42% from the previous year (to 109,000), continuing the long-term decline since the year ended December 1995.

Reliable Drugs and Addiction:

Fewer young people are addicted to the use of hard drugs such as ecstasy, speed, cocaine and heroin.

Using reliable drugs is still popular among young people.

But addiction plays the role to a lesser extent.

This may have to do with how Corona has changed the social environment of everyone in the Netherlands.

In addition, there is often more drug information available.

This reduces all kinds of risks.

What has been found is that all young people often share their information among their mutual friends groups.

Which leads to risk reduction.

Considering that, looking at the history of people’s lives, people always use drugs, and always will.

Now it comes from our perspective that safety is important.
If one is addicted, it is advised to ring the bell and have a chat with your doctor.

Addiction is very difficult.

And is usually accompanied by loneliness.

The last thing you want is for someone to die because of it and not see how you should go on.

But know that there is always or can be someone who cares about you.

In the meantime, learn to love yourself.

In a sober body and clear mind.

The short-term pleasure, with addiction, comes at the expense of your long-term happiness.

Anabolic steroid use among 16- to 59-year-olds also decreased year-on-year, from about 62,000 to 31,000, after a period in the past decade when reported use was relatively stable.

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Change in use:

Although there was no change in powder cocaine, amphetamine (speed) and heroin use among adults aged 16 to 59 in the past year compared to the year ending March 2019, the proportion of frequent users decreased from 14.4% in the year ending March 2019 to 8.7% in the year ending March 2020.


Dutch production of ecstasy (XTC pill or MDMA), amphetamine and GHB is one of the largest in the world.

Despite the campaigns against illegal drugs in the Netherlands, the country is one of the world’s largest producers of ecstasy and amphetamines.

The government has promised to do more to stop this.

Billions of euros worth of synthetic drugs (GHB, MDMA and XTC pills) were produced in the Netherlands last year, according to a recently published police report.


In 2017, various synthetic drugs (GHB, MDMA and XTC pills) with a street value of 18.9 billion euros (22 billion dollars) were produced in our country, according to the report of the Police Academy in the Netherlands.

That still raises many questions, because the report emphasizes that these are only estimates and that the actual production numbers (GHB, MDMA and the XTC pill) will probably be much higher.

Reliable Drugs info, manufacturers:

According to the police, the Netherlands is one of the world’s largest producers of ecstasy and amphetamines, a type of stimulant drug also known as speed or uppers.

Despite Corona, production continued unabated.

Sometimes it almost seems that even the health of a producer doesn’t matter, as long as there is profit to be made.

Drugs must be sold.

There is still much to learn and know about this.

Information is rare due to the opacity of production.

This means that illegality is never in your hands.

Ment almost comes up with the idea of ​​legalizing banned substances.

Some ”know” that such a risk does not benefit public health.

But based on knowledge, many research questions, something else comes out of the statement: ”should drugs be more legal?”.

Fortunately, the Netherlands does not prosecute the user.

Reliable Drugs info: Tolerant approach and low penalties

Researchers and researchers attribute the Netherlands’ top position as a drug producer to a combination of factors, including the Netherlands’ permissive attitude toward drug use and relatively low penalties for those caught making drugs.

If you have your drugs tested in time, you can know before you start using them whether they are reliable or not. Nowadays if you want to know in advance you can go to a location like PSYQ and have your drugs tested on the spot.

It won’t stop.

The good infrastructure and location in Europe also make the Netherlands a hub for the production and transport of illegal substances.

The police report also criticizes the government’s response to the fight against illicit drugs, saying that available information on synthetic drugs is “seriously deficient”.

This raised many questions.

Because what has often been demonstrated.

And one now knows for sure, especially among all leading behavioral scientists.

Is that drugs are often not the culprit, but rather the living environment of a person and often a shortage of drug info.

The effects on the body usually feel good.

That is why the use is often continued.

And in the hour of truth, drugs are used or abused.

The non-expert does not see that nuance.

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Reliable Drugs info, Hash and Weed, tolerance policy:

In the Netherlands, the sale of cannabis and hashish is illegal but not punishable, so the law is not enforced in establishments that adhere to the following national regulations, read:

Reliable Drugs info, Coffee Shop Act:

No commercials
No sale of hard drugs on site
No sale to persons under 18
No sale of quantities over five grams
No disturbance of public order

Coffee shops are no longer allowed to sell alcohol, only weed, hash, drinks and food.

Advertising is also not allowed.

Due to Corona and new policy, weed or hash can no longer be used in the coffee shop itself.

In a gesture of discretion that is still technically required, many coffee shops keep the cannabis menu under the counter, even if the cannabis itself is more or less in plain sight.

Most coffee shops close at 10pm.

After that, it may not be sold.

If you have your drugs tested in time, you can know before you start using them whether they are reliable or not. Nowadays if you want to know in advance you can go to a location like PSYQ and have your drugs tested on the spot.

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