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Since 20218 mephedrone “4 mmc” has been banned in the Netherlands.

In 2019 3 mmc “3 methylmethcathinone” came on the market as a replacement.

The effect is almost as strong as mephedrone “4 mmc “and the effect of 3 mmc is very similar to Cocaine.

3 mmc is the abbreviation for 3 methylmethcathinone also known as meow meow.

3-Mmc Dosering

3 Methylmethcathinone

3 MMC is our new psychoactive research chemical.

3 MMC is a research chemical that is often used in the Netherlands.

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We sell 3 MMC in powder or crystals.

3 MMC belongs to one of the many research chemicals we sell.

We do our best to offer as many new research psychoactive substances as possible.

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MDMA Substitute

3 MMC is often used as a Mdma substitute, at first 4 mmc was the well known substitute for Mdma.

When 4 mmc was banned we found the substitute to be 3 mmc.

3 mmc is not a drug but a RC “research chemical” also called meow meow.

Little is known about the risks of this new drug.

We do not sell 3 mmc for human consumption.

Never use 3 mmc for human consumption but only for research purposes.

Always read enough information about this substance before useage.

3-Mmc Kopen

Purchase the new psychoactive substance 3MMC safely

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3mmc is also known as 3 methyl 2 methylamino 1 3 “3mmc”.

3 methyl stands for a synthetic compound.

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3 MMC offer

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All our products are lab tested

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Lab results

All our RC products are tested in an independent lab.

By testing our RC products, we are sure that all our products have a high purity level.

Check out the lab results below:

Liquid 3 mmc

3 mmc is available on the market in several varieties:

  • liquid
  • crystals
  • powder
  • pills
  • injection

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What is bitcoin:

Bitcoin is an internet currency that has been in use since 2010.

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