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Which payment options are available?

We offer the following payment options:

- iDeal, Sofort, Bancontant, Giropay, Creditcard and direct bank transfer.
- We also accept Bitcoin and Monero.

We are one of the few vendors who accept Monero. It's faster, cheaper and more private. If you're looking for increased privacy. It's highly recommended to pay with Monero from a wallet like Exodus. Don't send it directly from a Crypto exchange like Coinbase.

Am I guaranteed a safe product?

Yes. Our in house chemist periodically tests our samples for purity and impurities.
We maintain steady relations with our suppliers as well.
We are determinded to offer the best product for the best price.
See the PDF on the relevant product pages. (scoll down a little bit. The PDF should be just above the product description text.)

How to use Research Chemicals?

Research chemicals are for research purposes only. Human consumption of research chemicals is not recommended, nor allowed, and will be actively discouraged.

If you're having substances abuse issues, please contact your family, friends and local physician for help. Consider also the following link to be helpful:

The RCT team actively discourages abuse of chemicals.

Please, take good care of yourself. Thank you.

Can I have a discount code or a free sample?

Periodically we'll send out discount codes and extra deals with our E-mail list. To join our E-mail list you'll have to make an order first.

SHIPPING & DELIVERY + E-mail Confirmation


Since September 21th of 2021 we arent offering track and trace for the whole of the United Kingdom, Ireland and Scotland anymore.
This is due to extreme administration needed for these kind of track and trace packages. We thank you for your understanding.

Do I get an E-mail Confirmation for shipping or an Order?

You will only receive an order confirmation email. We do not send an email when something has been shipped. Shipping information is only provided for orders with Track & Trace. Orders with Track & Trace must have a minimum value of 500 euro.

Check your spam filter if you have not received a confirmation email. In 99% of cases it can be found there. Make sure you whitelist our E-mail so that it does not go to Spam all the time.

There is no shipping email regarding shipment. Only an order confirmation email.
If you want the (500 euro+) Track & Trace link, you will have to send us an email, it does not happen automatically.

Some payment options are slower than others. Some are instant. Some take a few hours. Some a few days. Please wait at least 3-5 days before sending us a message.
Please be patient. Thank you very much!

What is the delivery time of your products per country?

Estimated shipping information:

The Netherlands 1-5 Business Days *
Belgium / Luxembourg 2-7 Business Days *
Germany 5-12 Business Days *
Rest of Europe 7-15 Business Days *
Great Britain and Ireland 7-20 Business Days *
Middle-East / North Africa 8-25 Business days *
N. America 12-30 Business Days * (Canada only)
S. America / Asia / Australia 15-35 Business Days *
Sub-Saharan Africa 20-40 Business days *
We do not ship to USA.

*Your order will always be processed and shipped as soon as possible.


If your package has not been delivered within your countries relevant shipping business days (as seen above). ONLY message us if the following time has passed since ordering:

The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg: 2 weeks **
Germany 4 weeks **
Rest of Europe 4 weeks **
Great Britain and Ireland 4 weeks **
Middle-East / North Africa 6 weeks **
N. America 7 weeks ** (Canada only)
S. America / Asia / Australia 8 weeks **
Sub-Saharan Africa 10 weeks **

**If u message us before that, we can't and won't help you. Be patient please. It's out of our hands and in the hands of the delivery company.
Unfortunately, we have had to put in these guidelines to stop bad ''customers''.
Please understand. Thank u.

See the next FAQ regarding non-delivery.

What can i do if my parcel does not arrive?

If your parcel has not arrived within the previous delivery times. (Please read: ''What is the delivery time for your products per country?'' carefully).
We will then investigate, if the shipping time has expired, and send your package again.
This is our policy. No exceptions. No refunds.

It is advisable to use an alternative address if the first order has not arrived.

If this 2nd order does not arrive either, we will unfortunately have to blacklist your name, (IP) address and E-mail. This is to prevent abuse by bad ''customers''. Apologies.

All our products are provided with a (secret and non sharable) tag.
This tag contains only internal information that allows US to track packages in most countries with our own tag system. (This is NOT a Track&Trace)

For Track & Trace, see the following FAQ answer.

Method of Delivery + Track & Trace.

For now, most letters are send through the normal letter mail. There's no tracking available for those packages.
But it ensures great privacy and they will always fit in your mailbox.

Regarding Tracking:
We're now offer Track & Trace for orders above 500 Euro. We use this for our own insurance, if u want your Track & Trace, and your orders is 500 euro or more, please contact the customer service. Customers service will provide you with tracking information.

Orders below 500 euro will never have tracking available.

Can I return my order?

Due to the nature of our products. No product not be returned. No returns, no exceptions.
We have this policy in place to ensure the safety and quality of our products.
All our products are packed in an sterile environment.
Returns are impossible under any circumstance.

Do you deliver to Pick-up points or Parcel shop?

No. We don't send to Pick-up points or Parcel shops. It's too risky.
If u send a parcel to such a place there will be no refund or reship of any kind.

Contact Information

MO-FRI 09:00 - 18:00 Livechat & 24/7 Mail!

Please write in English or Dutch. Thank you!

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