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Designer Drugs… What exactly are they?

When you think of this topic you might quickly think of famous brands that have produced drugs. 

This is just not the case, designer drugs is a term for both Research Chemicals and New Psychoactive Substances (NPS).

The first NPS Designer drugs were always plant-based.

This could include cannabis, opium, coffee or coca leaves.

By broad development, and the additional phenomenon called: NPS Research Chemicals.

Through chemical knowledge, the same active ingredients as in the plant variants, legal under the law, can be recreated in a laboratory.

How are the drugs of Research Chemicals Team produced?

When the different chemical structures, substances and effect are known of the drug.

It is possible to make small adjustments to the drugs.

Then the drug is redeveloped and marketed for research purposes.

Een Lab Medewerker Maakt Research Chemicals

is often described as an NPS drug, which is very similar in effect to XTC, Mdma or Cocaine.

The 4-FMPH drug is often described and mentioned as a drug very similar in effect to speed. Speed has been made illegal, read the Opium Act.

The 4-FMA drug is often described and named as having effects similar to 4-FA or 2C-B.

Cocaine, Mdma, XTC, 4-FA or 2C-B drugs are illegal and banned under the Opium Act.

NPS or New Psychoactive Substances

Little is known about new substances, yet these drugs are all legal.

Research is constantly being conducted in laboratories on each type of Designer drug.

It remains difficult to test all Designer drugs and Research Chemicals

The ones that are still being made, the effects, functioning and risks.

According to the law, it does not pose any risks, and it is not illegal to work with these new Designer drugs.

Newly known about various NPS substances

The effects of chemicals are different for everyone, and so are the possible effects and risks after taking a substance.

We sell NPS for research and Research purposes only.

While taking NPS, it is difficult to assess the risk and effect.

The substances taken remain a research drug with almost no research done.

Does Research Chemicals pose any risks

As long as the Designer drugs are used for Research purposes, and the substances (NPS) are not abused.

Then the drug is harmless, the substances contained in the drug are legal, and we only produce them for production and trade purposes.

Selling various types of Designer drugs

NPS Designer drugs are often sold with the label ”not for light human consumption” and ”always read the lab result”.

We therefore never offer an NPS drug with a substance in it for use.

Does it ever go wrong with new psychoactive substances?

Here it is important to know what you mean by wrong, during the market production, of these designed drugs, things never go wrong.

But when someone uses a chemical NPS substances, which we firstly do not recommend.

Man Distances Himself From Drugs By Making Hand Gesture

You are at risk with the use of Research Chemicals

then you are at risk of strange effects or unexpected effects.

There is not much research done on the new psychoactive substances, and research on the Research drugs, should bring out the effects more.

Buying Different Designer Drugs

Buying new psychoactive substances is not illegal.

But it is recommended to do so on a reliable drug webshop like RCT.

We sell these drugs for Research purposes, if you are interested in lab results? Please contact us!

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98 4F-Mph Poeder 4F-MPH Powder Sale , , 17.999,900.00
102 5F-Mdmb-2201 Poeder 5F-MDMB-2201 Powder 19.999,900.00
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