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Designer drugs types

Lesson 101; New designer drugs

Short introduction to designer drugs and their chemical structure

The chemical structure of these new psychoactive drugs are also called designer drug types.

In the Netherlands, these designer drug types are not included in the Opium Act; therefore, the law says that Research chemicals are legal.

They are not forbidden in the Netherlands.

We are going to explain to you clearly about the different interesting aspects of designer drugs.

And why the research of designer drug types is of great importance in order to understand the effects, the risks, and the effect on the brain.

Disclaimer: Although these new psychoactive drugs are legal and available for purchase, they are not to be used like: cocaine, heroin, amphetamine, meth, opium, LSD, morphine, cannabis or any other drug.

This is strongly discouraged. These drugs, which include 3-mmc or 4-fma, are new psychoactive substances aka designer drugs types.

It is only advisable to test these substances in a laboratory setting to determine, for example, the risks.

If users use a designer drug as a weekend party drug, for example.

Then we will be forced to cut off contact. We apologize.

This is not the case.

Introducing designer drugs types:

  • What exactly are designer drugs?
  • Why do people design designer drugs?
  • How to investigate designer drugs?
  • What types of designer drugs are there in the world?
  • Help to research
  • Which analogues, based on plants, are scientifically interesting?
  • How do you know if you can buy a Designer drug that is pure and safe?
  • Other questions about designer drugs

Designer Drug Types
Designer-Drug-Species Designer Drug Types

What exactly are designer drugs?

The Chemical Structure and the Opium Act:

Designer drugs types, and their chemical structure, fall under the guise of so-called ”new psychoactive substances.

These substances do not fall under the Opium Act, because designer drugs are mostly analogues (variations) of already existing drugs.

An example, designer drug types, is LSZ, the structure and elaboration is somewhat similar.

Numerous research articles have been written regarding the affairs of the mind and brain.

And it turned out that the medical applications of LSZ are coming more and more to light.

Another example is 3MMC. It is, unfortunately, widely known as a ”party drug”.

Because it would mimic the stimulating effect of euphoria, like cocaine and MDMA among others. Or a better sexual stamina.

We think such information should change.

Because that can lead to a distorted view of designer drugs.

As a result, addiction can occur because it is then used illegally.

This is why it is particularly important for us that designer drugs are used for research purposes only.

The Designer Drug Types
The-Designer-Drug Types Designer Drug Types

Why do people develop designer drug varieties?

To create a legal way to do research in expertise and an official laboratory under legal circumstances.

This from the perspective of clarifying the many issues that still exist regarding designer drugs.

If extensive research practices stop. Could be dangerous.

Disinformation and a lack of information can be dangerous. With even death as a result.

Dthis state (of the designer drug), the current legality in the Netherlands, ensures that these drugs are given the space to be investigated.

We believe that this is important for public health.

How to help you properly research designer drug types?

These drugs all act on different types of neurotransmitters.

Neurotransmitters of which it is not yet known exactly how they work.

Drugs such as cocaine, amphetamine or cannabis (weed & hash) can sometimes induce an addictive effect in people.

The drugs are said to have a negative effect on the neurotransmitters.

In this respect, from a scientific and social point of view, the drugs could offer a value to the limited source of knowledge we still have.

One of the important denominators is drug addiction.

designer drugs can give us strong insight into the substance cocaine, for example.

This is a difficult addiction that has a strong effect on the heart and brain.

What types of designer drugs are there in the world?

In fact, there is no substance whose effects cannot be replicated by designer drugs.

Because there’s so much room to play with these new drugs via (minimal) molecular changes.

Including tranquilizers or drugs with an effect of euphoria can provide better neurological understanding.

So the drugs are interesting to study.

But, among other things, by dangerous use by users. That often occurs out of ignorance.

Can create situations that are dangerous.

Which synthetic analogues, from plants, are of scientific interest?

The synthetic cannabinoids:

One of the soft drugs whose purchase, sale and possession has been tolerated is cannabis.

Despite this, there are users of marijuana who have called it an addiction.

We, as previously stated, are interested in the research results that can clarify the neurology and pschology of addiction.

For example, we believe that 5-CL-ADB-A is also known as 5-CL.

designer drugs that can have a positive impact on Cannabis’ addiction problems.

The-Chemical-Structure-Of-Drugs Designer Drug Types

How do you know if you can buy a Designer drug cleanly and safely?

It is always difficult to make an assumption without proof. That is why we also offer the full spectrograph and chemical safety spec sheet.

We have provided this information directly.

We have gathered this information directly from our lab. We test all drugs through double blind testing groups in conjunction with a before purely determined reference molecule.

The Chemical Structure Designer Drugs
The Chemical Structure Designer Drugs

Other questions on designer drugs types and new psychoactive substances:

Why are Designer Drug types not listed in the Opium Act?

This is because, in general, politics, and therefore the Opium Act, is carefully studied before any new policy is determined.

Because an Opium Act is a drug that is not designed for the purpose of drug experimentation.

Since the Opium Act regulation brings with it very heavy restrictions towards drugs.

This is something that is done with heavy consideration, before any action is taken.

That is fortunately also a good thing. Because, that gives researchers the space to come to full conclusions.

So that society can continue to develop with solid research and hard-proven truth.

So that new drugs and therapies can be developed.

What has become apparent over the years is that the large-scale pharmaceutical industry and the Dutch government are viewed with great distrust by the majority of society.

They are not the only ones who have been able to find a solution to the problem.

In addition, many smaller labs on the donations of the good people have to do independent research.

This, is not what a knowledge country like the Netherlands, should see as a normal state of affairs.

Because the government now leaves the knowledge of drugs and addiction as an elusive concept.

Will, as usual, result in the perpetuation of a stubborn and hypocritical prejudice that has long enough manifested itself as unproven falsehood by society’s knowledge suppressing tentacles.

Research into designer drugs is necessary to disprove or confirm the rigid stereotypes and damning fables of drugs.

In conclusion, I would like to appeal directly to the ordinary citizen to make himself actively aware; by doing good research and by going through life with a critical eye and mind.

Designer Drug Types

designer drug types (nps)

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Designer Drug Types (Nps)

designer drug types

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