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Designer drugs what is it?

There are currently very many different types of RCs available.

There are new products every month, so it is impossible for us to offer all RCs.

We sell the most popular RCs in our Research Chemicals webshop.

All our RCs are lab tested and safe to use for research.

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Designer Drugs-What’s-It

designer drugs what is it

The chemical structure

Short introduction to designer drugs types:

The chemical structure of these new psychoactive drugs (nps) are also called designer drugs.

These new drugs (nps) are not forbidden like other drugs on the market.

In the Netherlands, these drugs are not included in the Opium Act; therefore, the law says that Research chemicals are legal.

We are going to explain to you clearly about the different interesting aspects of designer drugs.

The research on designer drugs

And why its research is of great importance to understand its effects, risks, and action on the brain.

Disclaimer: Although these new psychoactive drugs are legal and available for purchase, they are not to be used like cocaine, heroin, amphetamine, meth, opium, lsd, morphine, cannabis or any other drug.

This is strongly advised against. These substances, including 3-mmc or 4-fma, are new psychoactive substances (nps).

It is only advisable to test these substances in a laboratory environment in order to determine the risks, for example.

If users use a designer drug as, for example, a weekend party drug.

Then we will be forced to cut off contact. Sorry about that.

New-Psychoactive-Substances And Designer Drugs What Is It?

designer drugs what is it

New psychoactive substances

These new psychoactive substances (nps) are legal according to the Opium Act.

Nevertheless, designer drugs, and their psychoactive effects, are difficult to identify.

This duality sometimes makes it difficult to investigate designer drugs as potential medicines in the Netherlands.

Because they are available in many corners and caverns of the internet.

The risks are not yet well discovered and therefore not a clear part of the Trimbos institute for information.

This website is not intended to circumvent illegal drug production or trade.

We are here to research and reduce the risks to the heart, behaviour, brain, etc.

See here for more drug information.

The Brain

Designer drugs what is it? At the moment Research Chemicals are also called legal highs.

The new psychoactive (nps) substances hereby bypass the Opium Act, like 4 fa. And fortunately so.

So it is not illegal to possess or distribute Research Chemicals.

This makes it better for mapping possible narcotic effects.

And in general to check the effect of these, not forbidden, substances in the laboratory.

Little is known about designer drugs.

Often the drug also has a stimulating effect on the mind, similar to xtc.

The research objectives

Designer drugs what is it? So designer drugs are at least still available in the Netherlands for research purposes.

Drugs such as cocaine, amphetamine or cannabis (weed & hash) can sometimes induce an addictive effect in people.

The hard drugs in the latest news such as speed, cocaine and xtc are often used to prevent sleep.

But actually their use can be replaced with designer drugs.

In research, designer drugs (nps) are often used to study the effects of hard drugs.

The designer drug

Designer drugs what is it? To avoid poor quality new psychoactive drugs (nps) we recommend using a regular supplier.

Our ‘new drugs’, such as: 4 fa, 3 mmc, benzo fury follow the thinking of our chemists.

And that way of thinking is: precise. And always in use around synthesised and legally produced designer drugs.

Our accumulated knowledge combined with work ethic makes this grey area, regarding the nps drug, completely familiar and safe.

In our designer drugs chemicals we put our heart, passion and soul.

We have our (nps) made with precision and every substance used is pure.

Therefore, our costs are sometimes high. But that is necessary to produce high quality designer drugs.

We also use a strict drug monitoring system, which ensures the quality of our designer drugs without exception.

Designer drugs what is it and what does it do?

Drugs such as xtc, speed and hashish are widely used by people.

Only the fables overshadow the facts. Following the truth is difficult for many.

And this can often lead to fallacies, where we don’t ask ourselves what the harmfulness or the merits of a substance might be.

There is still much to be researched to change this way of thinking.

Therefore, as an example: 2c b or 4 fa. One of our, on the market, legally offered designer drugs.

Diminish the use of drugs

What we want is for people to be able to reduce their use of drugs.

But because soft and hard drugs were prohibited, research was made almost impossible.

This was done under conditions that were even too strict, due to the aforementioned fallacies.

Such as the well-known: Confirmation Bias (having assumed a proposition before considering all the facts).

Just like hashish drugs. It is a drug that is used.

Only now, in the last few years, clinical research is being done in countries like America. Where it is partly legal in the market now.

Before that little was known about the effects of hashish.

Designer Drugs
Designer-Drugs; Designer Drugs What Is It?

Designer Drugs offers

Nowadays you can easily buy most Research chemicals via google on the RCN site.

Buy RCs? We always have nice offers in our webshop.

designer drugs what is it

Designer Drugs sales list:

There are currently a great many different types of RCs available.

New products are added every month, therefore it is impossible for us to offer all RCs.

How do you know if you can buy a Designer Drug pure and safe?

It is always difficult to make an assumption without proof.

That is why we offer the full spectrograph and chemical safety spec sheet.

We have gathered this information directly from our lab.

We test all drugs by means of double blind test groups in conjunction with a before purely determined reference molecule.

That is why we are one of the few who incur the extra costs to guarantee the highest quality.

Large-scale pharmaceutical industry

What has become apparent over the years is that the large-scale pharmaceutical industry and the Dutch government are viewed with great distrust by the majority of society.

Here, many smaller labs on the donations of the good people have to do independent research.

This, is not what a knowledge country like the Netherlands should see as a normal state of affairs.

Because the government now leaves the knowledge of drugs and addiction as an elusive concept.

This will, as usual, lead to the perpetuation of a stubborn and hypocritical prejudice that has been manifesting itself as unproven falsehood for long enough by society’s knowledge-suppressing tentacles.

So. Designer drugs what is it?

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designer drugs what is it

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