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Designer drug operation

Hello and welcome to the website of research chemicals team!

Are you curious about Designer Drugs operation? Curious about what exactly these new psychoactive substances are? Then we have good news for you because in this article we would like to tell you more about designer drugs and how they work.

Read more quickly about new psychoactive substances called research chemicals!

Caution! We sell new designer drugs for research purposes only. Human consumption of our products is not recommended.

Designer Drugs Werking Synthetische Cathinonen Voornamelijk Fenylethylamines Synthetische Cathinonen Aangetroffen Monitoring Systeem

Table of contents

  • ➳ About designer drugs operation

  • ➳ Different types of designer drugs

  • ➳ Information about cookies & the GDPR legislation

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About Designer Drugs Effect

New psychoactive substances | Designer drug operation

What are designer drugs?This question is easy to answer. Designer drugs are new types of drugs that are available on the market. Little research has been done into this group of new psychoactive substances.

Because these active substances are new, there is often no legislation that prohibits these new designer drugs. In other words, these new drugs are not yet included in the Opium Act and therefore it is legal to to buy and use as opposed to illegal drugs.

Legal trade | Designer drug operation

The trade, production or use of new designer drugs is not currently prohibited and therefore drug users can legally purchase and continue to use research chemicals until they are included in the Opium Act.

Until the government comes up with a new law against the drug, its production will remain legal and can therefore be marketed via websites.

Molecular structure | Designer drug operation

Designer drug effect is comparable in effect to banned known drugs such as coke or ecstasy. Only the chemical structure of these new designer drugs has been changed, thus creating a variation on an existing drug.

The potential effects and negative effects that can occur are comparable to other mind-altering drugs that the drug resembles.

Not illegal but harmful | Designer drug operation

Designer drugs have become very popular in recent years, there is a great demand for new substances that give the same effect as speed (amphetamine), ecstasy, or cannabis but that have changed a little bit in the structure , making it legal to buy these new designer drugs.

But just like normal drug use, the use of designer drugs that resemble speed, ecstasy or 2c b pills is not completely safe. For example, new designer drugs can be even more dangerous than the prohibited drugs listed in the Opium Act, such as 2c b, ecstasy pills or amphetamine.

Addiction | Designer drug operation

In addition to the fact that these drugs such as 3 mmc can be harmful to your health and therefore entail possible harmful health risks, there is of course also another danger lurking. You can become addicted to drugs, if you don’t know this already. The fact is, drugs are addictive. It has been scientifically proven that you can become addicted to drugs such as 3 mmc or other types of drugs. An addiction can be harmful to the human body.

Be careful | Designer drug operation

Therefore, be careful when you choose to use drugs. It is best not to use any drugs at all, this way you avoid the risk of causing damage to your body. We certainly only sell our products for research purposes and do not recommend any form of human consumption. Drugs can be dangerous!

Little research | Designer drug operation

This is because little research has been done into these new designer drugs, so little information is known about what exactly these new designer drugs do to you. For example, long-term effects can occur that are harmful to your health or other health risks that can be dangerous, such as brain haemorrhages or other dangerous risks, just like cocaine or amphetamine.

Group of new psychoactive substances | Designer drug operation

So just because designer drugs are legal and belong to a group of new psychoactive substances, it doesn’t mean they are any less dangerous than banned drugs. It just means there’s no law against it yet so anyone who uses designer drugs can do so legally. However, we do not recommend it because little research has been done into the possible harmful effects that these new designer drugs can cause.

You can order the best designer drugs from us for a fair price!

Different Types of Designer Drugs

There are many different types of designer drugs such as the designer drug 3 mmc, therefore the designer drug effect can also differ. Just like normal banned drugs such as ecstasy or cocaine drug designer, designer drugs such as 3 mmc or 4 fa or the other most designer drugs else. For example, these different types of drugs differ greatly from each other.

Benzodiazepines or synthetic cannabinoids? | Designer drug operation

So there are many different types of designer drug effect that you can order on our website. Dutch youngsters and users feel whether users experience different effects when they order and use a new drug such as 3 mmc or another drug.

For example, you can opt for 3 CMC (3 mmc is now banned) or you can also opt for synthetic cannabinoids such as ADB – Butinaca or you can opt for benzodiazepines such as bromazolam pellets. Whatever your wish, we fulfill your nose. Choose from a wide range of different types of designer resources, we sell pellets, blotters, powders, crystals and liquids. So you have plenty of choice.

Designer drugs are often made in a lab and because they are made in a lab, the average purity mark for designer drug action is very high! Much higher than that of prohibited substances such as cocaine that are included in the Opium Act.

For example, our products have a purity of at least 98% or higher! Do not wait any longer with ordering designer resources. If you are a researcher, we recommend that you thoroughly research our drugs.

Order drugs easily like  4 fa or 3 CMC (3 mmc replacement) on our website!


Designer Drugs Werking

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Designer Drugs Werking

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