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Drug Testing

Testing drugs, it sounds a bit different. Here in the Netherlands, use is tolerated, but possession is not allowed, and certainly not trade at all.

Nevertheless, the Netherlands is one of the countries with the most drug users, but with so many drugs in circulation also for recreational use, how do you know for sure whether it is safe?

There is of course always a risk with drugs, only over the years there are more and more horror stories where pills or powders have now been cut with it.

This blog goes into extensive detail about drug testing, types of drugs, risks and more.

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Table of Contents

  • → Types of different drugs in the Netherlands
  • → New psychoactive substances
  • → Advantages of having drugs tested in time
  • → Knowing what is in drugs or what goes into drugs with testing

Testing types of drugs in the Netherlands

Let’s start at the beginning, which types of drugs do we actually all have in the circulation?

There are of course a lot of them, below is a list of the most famous and most used drugs . Under each drug type an explanation is given what it is and what the effect is. The following are the most common in the Netherlands.

Cannabis / weed / hash | Drug testing 

Hash and weed can be used under the same category, the difference is explained accordingly. Hash and weed both come from a female cannabis plant, however with hash the resin is used and the weed or cannabis is really the dried flower itself.

With cannabis you have many options for different ‘strain’ types of plants that are sometimes also crossed with each other to produce a new cannabis variety, which is also called a hybrid.

In addition, there is a difference between an indica plant, a sativa plant or a combination of these. An indica strain means that the plant grows faster and therefore can be harvested faster, the effect can be described as sleep-inducing, pain-relieving and calming.

The effect of a sativa strain can be described as boosting serotonin, relieves depression, makes you more energetic, and helps with creativity and concentration.

It is therefore recommended to use an indica in the evening and a sativa during the day, because one makes you sleepy and the other is uplifting.

Hash also occurs in different varieties, just not as much as cannabis, the effects are about the same.

You can also get ‘cotton mouth’ from any strain of hash, the well-known dry mouth together with ‘the munchies’ or a eating kick.

It can be good if you have smoked a lot, the eyes become red and they sit closer and the person looks very sleepy. In addition to a eating kick, you can also get a laughing kick.

In addition to nice effects, there can unfortunately also be less nice effects such as a bad trip, this can just be triggered by smoking, or if someone was already in a bad mind set, this can amplify it.
Paranoia and psychosis can also be caused. Forgetfulness or problems with responsiveness may also occur.

Weed and hashish use is tolerated in the Netherlands, which is why we have coffee shops everywhere.

Growing it yourself can be tolerated with a maximum of 5 plants, but it really depends on how the police or municipality enforce these rules.

Ecstasy pill | Drug testing 

Xtc is one of the most popular nightlife drugs. An ecstasy pill contains the active ingredient MDMA.

It has been one of the most popular drugs to take at parties or festivals for years. However, over the years, unfortunately many pills have come into circulation that were not that pure at all and people have died from this or ended up in hospital because of contaminated substances in the pill, or an enormous amount of a substance that was not mentioned .

That is why it is important that if you want to use a pill you have a drug test done in a laboratory. When you have the drugs tested in time for your party or whatever it is, you can be sure that you do this as safely as possible.

An ecstasy pill usually starts working after half an hour to an hour, the user then feels it ‘kicking’.

It provides a euphoric feeling where someone can become very social, like to cuddle or be busy with drawing or touching certain things that feel nice such as water or a soft fabric.

Someone on ecstasy has a crush on almost everything and after about 6 hours it starts to wear off.

It often happens that people get a hangover after ecstasy use, your body has to process all substances such as the MDMA and replenish all the happy substances that have been used up in your brain at once. That is where the well-known statement Tuesday dip comes from.

The risks of ecstasy use are mainly overheating, your body is working hard and often there is also a lot of dancing and without you noticing it you can go on for hours without anything to drink or eat.
Eating often becomes difficult or not, and users can suffer from cramps in the jaws.

In addition to overheating, urination problems are also common, which can lead to water intoxication or a bladder infection.

It is therefore important to drink water and go to the toilet before using.

Mdma | Drug Testing

Mdma has actually already been explained above. MDMA is also available in crystal or powder form instead of in an ecstasy pill. When MDMA is taken in this way, it is either swallowed or put in an empty capsule.

Here too it is important to do drug tests. A dealer can say that it is pure MDMA, but before you know it, there is something else in it that you did not count on, so having it tested can prevent a lot of suffering.

Mushrooms and truffles | Drug Testing 

Magic mushrooms and truffles are mushrooms, or fungal species. These mushrooms contain the active substances psilocybin or psilocin, which causes someone to ‘trip’, also called hallucinations.

There are different ways to take these products, you can eat it as is, make tea or put it in custard or yogurt if the taste is bad.

Truffles or magic mushrooms differ in strength, so it can be difficult to dose them properly. Truffles are legally available in a smart shop in the Netherlands, there is also a dosage and it has already been tested in advance, so you know that you have a good product.

These mushrooms start working after about 20 to 60 minutes. Users often do this in a quiet place in nature or in a familiar environment at someone’s home.

Visual effects can be, for example, that colors come out of plants or cars, the wall starts to wave or see patterns.

Physical effects can be that someone suddenly becomes much more sensitive to sound or his environment, being able to bend thoughts to what is normally simple is now suddenly difficult and no sense of time.

The risks can be just like with any drug that someone ends up on a bath trip, vomits, gets a psychosis or becomes very nervous because the effect can last quite a long time.
Ghb | Drug Testing 

Ghb (gamma hydroxy butyrate)) is banned in the Netherlands and is listed on the Opium list and therefore falls under hard drugs.

GHB is a transparent liquid that is often sold in tubes of a few milliliters.

It is said that it often tastes salty or bitter. GHB causes a peaceful intoxication that resembles drinking alcohol, but when someone takes too much, it causes drowsiness or can even make someone paralyzed or unconscious.

GHB is unfortunately also widely used as a rape drug, so it is secretly put in someone’s drink so that the person becomes paralyzed or unconscious and the victim can then be taken away.

Always pay attention to your drink and don’t just accept something from a stranger at a party.

Annoying effects can be nausea, it also makes someone more uninhibited and sometimes choices are made that someone later regrets.
If the dose is too high, this can have such an anesthetic effect that someone can go into cardiac arrest. And finally, one can quickly become addicted to this.
Amphetamine / speed | Drug Testing 

Amphetamines are more popularly known as pep, speed or rapid.

It is a white powder that ensures that someone becomes energetic, feels cheerful, wants to talk more, stays awake longer, can perform better or concentrate and all in all gives a better and euphoric feeling.

Your body is literally on edge, pupils dilate and the heart rate goes up. Often users can also eat less due to a dry mouth and cramps in the jaw due to muscle tension.

Amphetamines work for about 6 to 8 hours. A gram of powder usually costs 5 euros.

You can test amphetamine drugs at a location in the Netherlands. You can have all these different drugs tested. Always have your drugs tested before using! This way you avoid unnecessary risk.

Amphetamine is often snorted or put in a rolling paper or capsule and swallowed, which is called a bomb.

It is often the case that amphetamines are cut so that the dealer can earn more money, the powder often contains something like caffeine or other substances.

That is why it is safe to use drugs first to have the drugs tested so that you are sure that no dangerous substances have been cut.

Another type of drug that falls under amphetamines is methamphetamine, also known as meth, crystal meth and ice. This is actually the stronger version of normal speed and one can stay awake for days and become addicted to it very quickly.

You can compare it with all the nice feelings of speed, but even more intense, that makes it so dangerous.

Some of the risks of amphetamine use are heart palpitations, dehydration, high blood pressure, cardiac arrest, a dangerous amount of sleep deprivation, delusions and hallucinations and a high risk of addiction.
 Ketamine | Drug Testing 

Ketamine, also known as K, special K and keta. Ketamine is actually a painkiller that is used in hospitals and veterinary clinics.

It is therefore recommended that this drug has a sedating effect on users. It occurs in a white powder or a clear crystal powder and is snorted.

Users indicate that the effect of this feels like a dream or intoxication, and when someone uses a lot, they have the feeling of stepping out of the body.

The dangerous thing about ketamine is that dosing is very difficult, if someone uses too much, someone can get into a K hole. Someone can’t talk or move and is in another world, this can be extremely frightening and the person can also vomit or even go into cardiac arrest.

Risks of use are falling over, nausea and vomiting, overdose, anxiety attacks, confusion and bladder complaints.
Lsd | Drug Testing 

Lsd, also popularly known as Lucy, L, acid, stamp or blotter. Lsd is a psychedelic, which means that this drug causes you to hallucinate.

It is usually sold as a single stamp where the seller often has a whole sheet of contiguous stamps.

The seal contains the liquid, which is the LSD, the tripping agent. One takes the seal on the tongue and after 1 to 2 hours it starts to work. Sometimes a drop of liquid is also placed on a sugar cube, but this is rare because the dosage is then extremely difficult.

Users indicate that they experience sounds, colors and feelings much more intensely. One can start hallucinating and become introverted, you can then mentally go to another world.

It is important when someone uses this that it is in a safe environment and preferably a tripsitter. That is someone who stays sober and can help when someone gets too deep into a trip or gets a bad trip. During a bad trip someone can see scary things and think that they are going to die, everything feels realistic when this is not the case.

Risks are going into a psychosis or a state of confusion because of the trip. It is also possible when someone does this outside or without someone that they unconsciously put themselves in dangerous situations.
Cocaine | Drug Testing 

And finally cocaine, which is also known as coke, sos, snow or charlie. In addition to normal cocaine, there is also base coke (crack) which is smoked. This is known as crack, bori, free base and white. Most users snort cocaine, which is a white powder.

The effect lasts about half an hour and one can become very energetic but also aggressive and agitated. It is often used in combination with alcohol to regain energy and clarity.

Cocaine costs about 50 euros per gram. Just like amphetamines, this can also be cut with dangerous junk, so there are several risks associated with use. Having drugs tested is therefore very important in these cases.

Basecoke is smoked in a pipe, it is made by dissolving normal snuff cocaine in water and using sodium carbonate, stomach salt or ammonia as a base.

Once in the body, it has the same effect as normal cocaine. Only because this is smoked, it has a bigger blow and impact on the brain.

Risks can be confusion, aggression, psychosis, depression, dependence and addiction.

New psychoactive substances | Drug Testing 

New psychoactive substances, also known as NPS, research chemicals or Called designer drugs, these have been on the rise in recent years. These are substances that are counterfeited in the lab from already existing drugs so that the law can be circumvented.

You probably know 2CB, 3MMC, 4FMP etc. These are all designer drugs. The danger of this is that because more and more new ones are being made, it is difficult to know what is actually in it. So now we come to the moral of this story, get your drugs tested!

Advantages of having drugs tested in time | Drug Testing 

It was quite a run up to this point, but the goal has gradually become clear. Most of us know that there are often things in drugs that we don’t know about. Drugs go on an assembly line in the Netherlands and it can be obtained almost everywhere or through the internet. This means that many people do not have the correct drug information and really know what risks are associated with this.

Use of drugs is very common in the Netherlands, it is very simple, you will be forwarded via a number and the drugs will probably also be delivered. But you actually don’t know the composition of what you’re putting in your body right now.

Due to the corona pandemic, drug use has increased. A lot of drugs are used indoors at house parties, so it is now even more important to get it tested, as there are more impure other drugs in circulation.

Having drugs tested is actually still a crazy idea, it is often thought that you can be arrested when this is not the case. Drug testing is done in a lab. Then you need a whole pill or a gram of powder if you want to have it tested.

The testing is anonymous and depending on the weekdays, the results will take 4 to 9 days. After an extensive analysis with a large national system, it is tested on site at the chosen location, after which you receive the results after so many days. When the drugs are not recognized, they end up in the drug information monitoring system.

In times of coronavirus, always check the website first to see if the locations are open. For further information, please visit the websites of test locations.

Knowing what is in drugs or what goes into drugs with drug testing

So you know well in advance that you are going to a party or want to use drugs? Then have your drugs tested so that you know whether your dealers are reliable and whether you take good and safe stuff. People who start using drugs in the short term and do not have them tested first are at much greater risk.

It may sound childish, but if you are younger it is useful to inform and inform your parents about safe use.

If you want to know in advance what exactly is in your drugs, this can only be done through the results of a test point. Why risk taking something dangerous, since drugs aren’t the safest.

When testing, this is done with an up-to-date database. You can bring pills, powders and liquids to the test location 2 weeks before you start using.

Then you know for sure that you have the results on time. You won’t get your drugs back anyway, so make sure you stock up on some extra. With a pill, a whole pill must be handed in, one gram of powder and with liquid about LSD 1 seal.

In most cases as a person you can only have a limited amount of the active ingredient tested throughout the Netherlands, otherwise they will think you are a trader. You shouldn’t have that. Further information about additional risks and what you want to know in advance can be found online.

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