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methyl 6h thieno 3.2

The chemical compound of 9 methyl 6h thieno is very similar to ethyl 9 methyl 6h.

Only thieno 3,2 f 1,2,4 is cheaper than 4,3 a 1,4 diazepine.

More often 1,2,4 triazolo 4,3 a instead of f 1,2,4 triazolo 4,3 is used for research chemical purpose.

40054 69 1 is our factory code.

The chemical compounds are prepared in China especially for RCT.

Etizolam bestellen

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Etizolam is the strongest benzo there is, and in the Netherlands is a very well known drug.

What is often used for research purposes.

Etizolam is very similar to clonazolam which we also sell.

Clonazolam has only been known for a shorter time in the Netherlands.

Etizolam has been known in the Netherlands since 2010 and the drug is still getting better known every day.


6h thieno 3,2 f

3,2 f 1,2,4 triazolo is the same as triazolo 4,3 a 1,4 only 2 ethyl 9 methyl is more often used.

What is also often used instead of chlorophenyl 2 ethyl 9.

4 2 chlorophenyl pellets are almost the same as Etizolam pellets.

The chemical compounds are illegal in some countries and is also considered a drug never take RC when traveling.

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Use Etizolam for research chemicals purpose

Etizolam is often used as a drug, we only sell Etizolam for research purpose and not for human consumption!

Other information about research chemicals

After reading this blog, I hope you now know where to buy etizolam safely.

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