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Hello! Welcome to the website of research chemical team!


You can come to us for the purest research chemicals products


In this blog we would like to inform you about one of our new products, namely the research chemical N-ethyl -hexedrone (hexes)


We are going to tell you more about the product N-ethyl-hexedrone, what this designer drug does to you, what possible side effects are when misusing this product and about how you can add this product to your shopping cart and pay anonymously!


The use of research chemicals is strongly discouraged! We sell this research chemical purely for research purposes.

Products are packaged discreetly for free shipping. You are assured of this, your products will be discreetly packed and free shipping.


You can buy the most pure hexes from us for a fair price!

What exactly are research chemicals?

Research chemicals are drugs that are new on the market and where little research has been done.


Another name for a research chemical is a designer drug, just like hexes.


With these designer drugs, the effect of other (illegal) drugs is imitated. These resources are intended solely for research purposes. Do not use these drugs buy them only for what they are intended for.

Are designer drugs like buying hexes legal?

Designer drugs can be offered legally because the raw materials of these drugs are legal or because the designer drug has not yet been banned.


Research chemicals are legally offered on the market because the raw materials of these substances are still legal or because this drug has not yet been banned.

How do you buy research chemicals?

Research chemicals are usually bought over the internet.


They can be ordered easily and anonymously and it is easy to pay with Ideal! So you can easily order hexes from us in the webshop.


Our products are sold for research purposes only!


N-ethyl-hexedrone (hexen)

N-ethyl-hexedrone is also known as hexen or hex-en. N-ethyl-hexedrone is a new stimulant of the cathinone class. N-ethyl-hexedrone is a derivative of hexedrone and is part of a group of compounds called substituted cathinones.


Some users reported that N-ethyl-hexedrone (hexes) is a euphoric and stimulant that can be compared to, for example, crack cocaine. Like other substituted cathinones, n-ethyl-hexedrone (hexes) is known for its addictive effect.

N-ethyl-hexedrone (hexen) is available as a powder, but these products can also be purchased in crystal form.

Always keep drugs out of the reach of children!


Watch out when buying hexes

Be careful when handling this substance as contact with hexes can irritate the respiratory tract as well as irritate the eyes.


With us you are assured of the highest purity and you will appreciate the quality of the hexes and other designer drugs.

Pay a fair price for your product. Always offer you a fair price for a fair product. Pay a fair price for a fair product. With us you always pay a fair price. Pay a fair price for hex en now!

Many advantages to buying hexes

When you are a new customer we appreciate you especially if you add something to the shopping cart, view order via the website. Buying RC’s from us in the webshop is nowhere cheaper.

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