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3-mmc, or mefedron, is also known as the replacement for 4-mmc, since 4 mmc was banned in 2017.

The drug 3-mmc (the brother of 4-mmc) is also known as meow meow. The drug has become popular lately and many people are using it.

In this blog you will read all about the substance meow meow!

Mefedron Available

4-mmc, the little brother of 3-mmc is stimulating and light

To start with, we’re going to tell you about 4-MMC4-MMC, also called 4-methylmethcathinone, is in fact the predecessor of 3-mmc. 

The drug 4-MMC has been included in the Opium Act and placed on list 1 recently.
4-MMC falls under hard drugs. For hard drugs possession / production / sale are punishable.

4-MMC (MIAUW MIAUW) is prohibited and punished.

Possession, production and sale of 4-MMC is punishable. We therefore recommend that you buy mephedrone rather than 4-mmc. 4-mmc is also almost not sold anymore for this reason.

Later in this blog, we will also not talk about 4-mmc anymore because it falls under hard drugs. Some sellers claim to be selling 4-mmc but this is often sold as 3-mmc.

(Again: possession, production, sale are punishable by law of 4-mmc / 4-methylmethcathinone!) When used, negative effects can occur.

It varies from person to person but more on this later in this blog.

4-Mmc And Meow Meow

The Law and the Drug 3-MMC Powder

3-mmc powder, also known as meow meow, unlike 4-mmc, is not included in the Opium Act. It is not included in the opium law or on list. Because it is not on list 1, possession, production and sale are not punishable. So you can order and consume it completely legally.

The basics of the drug mephedrone

Miaow Meow is a crystal powder like mdma or a normal powder like cocaine. Sometimes Meow Miaow is also sold as a pill.
You can snort or swallow it. Some users also put it in a capsule. It also used to be sold as bath salts. 


We do not recommend taking this drug! Please for research purposes only.

But nowadays it is available as a drug instead of bath salts. For many people it is a fairly new drug being sold. It is entirely up to you what you like best. You have the free choice to decide that for yourself.

Some users feel euphoria through meow meow

The substance mefedron is now very well known among people who use drugs.
Some users also compare mefedron to ecstasy.
Users compare mefedron to xtc because the powder/crystals have a stimulating and slightly consciousness altering effect.

What you read about the experiences of 4-MMC (Meow Meow):

Users feel a high that reminds them of mdma.

This is mainly read in the user experiences on the internet. As you know we offer our products for Research Purposes only.

Other effects users experience are alertness, feeling in love, increased libido, extra energy and enhanced sensory perception.

Sometimes people also experience hallucinations, but this is not seen by most people as anything negative.

4-Mmc And Meow Meow

The dosage of meow meow

What is the recommended dose of mephedrone?
Mephedrone is recommended to be snorted or swallowed.
This is how you feel the effect best. But what is your desired effect?

A light dose is 25 – 70 mg.

A medium dose is 75 – 150 mg.

And a high dose is 150 – 300mg.

When you take higher doses for a longer period of time, you can build up a tolerance to the drug.

This means you are resistant and then there is no point in using again.

With high doses and long-term use, negative side effects can occur, as with any other drug as well.

Read more about this below:

The influence of side effects by mefedron

When taking mefedron, sometimes negative effects can occur (such as headaches, heart palpitations). This does not have to be a bad thing when taking the drug. It mainly varies from person to person. Please read below for the possible short and long term negative effects:

  • A well-known symptom with mefedron is nausea.

    Nausea can occur if you have not eaten anything beforehand or if you have eaten too much.
    Try to have a meal beforehand when you are going to use it.

  • Another effect people experience with the drug mefedron is a headache.

Headaches can occur with mefedron if you have not drunk enough or if you mix it with alcohol. So be careful not to drink too little and do not drink too much either. We also advise against mixing it with alcohol, as it always gives you a headache! Headaches can be irritating but are not serious.

  • When snorting mephedrone/bubble, you may experience irritation in the nose. This can happen even with little use. This does vary greatly from person to person.
  • Some people experience palpitations while taking mephedrone.


Hard palpitations can be an unpleasant side effect. Pay close attention to how severe your palpitations are should you experience them from mephedrone. If the palpitations persist after the effects of mephedrone, it is recommended that you see a doctor. Users with these symptoms often only experience them with high dosages and long-term use.

  • Prolonged use can develop long-term negative effects such as addiction.

In order to ensure that this does not happen when using mephedrone, users with these symptoms are advised to see a doctor. Discuss what is going on and talk about your (possible) addiction. If you are experiencing these symptoms, immediate discontinuation is recommended.

  • Tolerance will occur with frequent use.

If you are experiencing frequent use, immediate discontinuation is recommended. There is no point in using again because the effect is no longer there. This also occurs more quickly with high doses. In this case it is recommended to stop using immediately.

Miauw Miauw Order

Would you like to order Miauw Miauw?

For ordering mephedrone / bubble you cannot go to our site. besides mephedrone / bubble there are other products available. These are very similar to Miauw Miauw in terms of molecular unit. We also sell by-products such as capsules or packaging materials. Unlike hard drugs, possession / production / use of mephedrone is legal.

The following products are almost identical in molecular unit to 4-MMC:
3-MMC Crystal

3-MMC Powder

3-FPM Powder

Have any questions about mephedrone?

We’d love to give you the best service about mephedrone or any other designer drugs. Together we help each other and make sure that the use is as good and safe as possible. You can reach us via our e-mail address. Please mention here all the information you would like to receive.

The informative guide for 3-mmc

The information for 3-mmc is also available in English. If you want the information you can send the e-mail address of you to the main e-mail address of us with the wanted information and we will help you out!

Use of 3-mmc

Use of the substance is entirely at your own risk and you are “your own guinea pig”. By your own guinea pig we mean that you use it all at your own responsibility.

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