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Frequently Asked Questions About Buying Research Chemicals: Everything You Need to Know!​

We at the Research Chemicals Team are a reliable company with friendly, fast and professional service.

We therefore only supply pure Research Chemicals of the highest possible quality!

If you’ve ever bought Research Chemicals online, you know I’m sure you already know how scary it can be to navigate through the different web shops and see what the safest route is.. My experience shows that the research chemicals community is unregulated, which means that finding a reliable seller is difficult and also is often risky! We only sell research chemicals that are necessary for research in chemistry and biology, and that are not available on the free market.


What are Research Chemicals?

Research Chemicals, or Designer Drugs, contain molecules made in different labs. These “drugs” are synthesized in labs and designed to produce effects similar to those of illegal drugs, but the synthetic drugs themselves are not illegal because they do not have the same molecular structure.

In practice it is very difficult to determine whether a designer drug is safe for human consumption because all the research was done on animals rather than humans. In fact, there have been several cases where research chemicals have led to serious side effects, overdose, or even death in humans. Choose to use designer drugs, then be prepared to accept the consequences.

Put simply: Designer drugs are not safe for human consumption and you should avoid using them.

We therefore only offer 3-MMC for research purposes and certainly not for human consumption!

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Koop geen 3-MMC zonder dit gelezen te hebben.

3-MMC, one of our best known Research Chemicals, is a stimulant in the chemical class of the cathinones. It is technically classified as an Amphetamine because it contains a beta-phenethylamine backbone; Amphetamines are a class of compounds that, when abused, are known to increase energy and alertness, and cause euphoria. 3-MMC produces stimulant effects very similar to other compounds in the same family, including MDA, MDMA, and cocaine.

3-MMC powder is one of the most popular research chemicals online and is also known as 3-methylmethcathinone. It belongs to a recently developed class of designer drugs collectively called “bath salts.” 3-MMC shares the same chemical formula with mephedrone, which was banned in 2010. Chemically, it can be considered a ketone derived from cathinone, which is found in the Khat plant. 3-MMC crystals are often called counterparts of mephedrone and cathinone derivatives.


You can go to https://www.research-chemicals-team. info to buy research chemicals. The research chemicals team site also has an online store for research chemicals that has been selling and shipping these research chemicals, or designer drugs, worldwide for several years now. We have a strong and professional team to provide customers with good products, and fast delivery for all orders, we promise to provide you with the best service.

Why Buy Research Chemicals from us?

Our mission is to make the process of buying research chemicals simple. You can buy research chemicals from us with just a few quick mouse clicks. Our customer support will guide you through the entire process if necessary.
  1. Our price for all research chemicals is usually 30% – 70% lower than other sites. 
  2. We also supply research chemicals with a purity of up to 99% and the very best quality. 
  3. We keep our prices low so you can buy the best research chemicals possible.

What does 3MMC do?

Once 3-MMC is ingested, the first effects usually become apparent within 10 minutes.

The degree of intensity varies from person to person. The effects last for about 6 hours. There are no immediate health risks associated with 3-MMC. The main function of 3-MMC is to release dopamine, a natural chemical that can make a person feel good. People also use it for the healing properties of 3-MMC, which is said to have antidepressant and anti-anxiety effects. No one knows exactly what 3-MMC does in your body, but it can have a strong effect on mood, heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing.


“3-MMC will give you a surge of guts when used and makes you feel great, all within about a minute or so. You will feel tingling around the mouth, then hot flushes all over your body. After 2 minutes, your body will begin to become aware and the euphoria is in full swing. More than once I have experienced visions with eyes closed, with all-encompassing sensations of being connected to everything around me through sound and touch."

- Anonymous User of Psychonautical Forum- Developer

Where To Buy 3-MMC?

Our 3-MMC is of high purity with original lab results, so you just buy 3-MMC from Research Chemicals Team!

Based on the feedback, our customers are more and more interested in our 3-MMC powder and 3-MMC crystals, which is why we also pay more attention to offering and keeping these Research Chemicals tradable on our website. Our customers can get 3-MMC in different price categories, quantities and in different packaging(s).

We have a good reputation in this trade and are known for good quality. 3-MMC variants for sale can be viewed here:

Buy Research Chemicals?

The search for a good research chemical for research purposes does not have to take forever or take a lot of energy. In any case, all research chemicals are a safe product for research purposes, and can be ordered easily and cheaply in the Netherlands and Belgium from this reliable website, both in Brussels and in Amsterdam, Bruges, Ghent, Utrecht or another major city.

Buy Legal Research Chemicals in our Research Chemicals Shop!

With us you buy the best and safest research chemicals products that can be found in the world.

Buying legal research chemicals from our research chemicals webshop is completely safe!

Research Chemicals are banned by law in Belgium, Germany and England because they are often abused by criminals who distribute their merchandise through illegal outlets such as websites or close chat groups.

When you buy Research Chemicals from us, you always do so behind your own computer screen without passing on personal data to criminals or government agencies.

The illegal variants of research chemicals, they are often not pure and they have a bad reputation.

Our webshop only sells legal research chemicals! Our research chemicals are research resources that are actually used by scientists, at our Research Chemicals buy online for best results! Sellers on illegal markets such as the dark web, for example, often sell illegal products with a bad image. It is important that you know this before you buy research chemicals. Be aware: research chemicals or illegal drugs?

It is important to buy research chemicals that are safe!

All our research chemicals are for research purposes and are therefore completely legal, they are of the best quality with a fair price and are delivered quickly. It is not intended to be used for human consumption, however!

Anyone who wants to buy research chemicals needs to know where they buy it.

It is important to buy good research chemicals that are safe and that are delivered as expected.

All our Research Chemicals are delivered at the best price within a quick time frame of one to two working days after placing your order and of course you can always be 100% sure of the best, quality products that can be found on the internet!

Research Chemicals or simply ordering on our website means you get the most advanced product knowledge such as:

  • Physical data
  • Lab results
  • Ingredient List
  • Usage of the products, safety and side effects

Are you looking for research chemicals in Europe? Then you’ve come to the right place!

With over 25 years of experience in the chemical industry, we are a true specialist in the field of synthetic drugs.

All products we sell can only be used for Research Purposes!

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