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Where to buy 3-MMC?

Where to buy 3-MMC? The rc: 3-MMC or 3- Methylmethcathinone, is a designer drug.

Where to buy 3-mmc? This substance has been developed for research purposes and comes from the Cathinone family.

You can easily and legally buy 3-MMC on the internet. It is important that you know where to buy 3 MMC as well.

In this article I will share with you where you can go for a safe and pure methylphenyl 1 propanone monohydrochloride of high quality.

I will also explain to you in this article what 3-MMC is and where to buy 3 mmc is possible.





where to buy 3-mmc?

What does 3-MMC actually mean?

When you look up designer drugs online, you read a lot about 3mmc.

This is a drug that increased enormously in a short time, this that increased enormously in a short time is mainly because 3-MMC is becoming more and more known.

3mmc has numerous names and many substances that resemble 3mmc such as:

  • Methylamino
  • 1 3 Methylfenyl
  • 3 Methylmethcathinone
  • 2 Methylamino 1 3
  • 3 Methylfenyl 1 propanon.

These names all fall under the heading 3mmc.

In terms of structure, 3mmc is quite identical to 4mmc, but it is slightly different.

4mmc is illegal in most countries and so many people have turned to 3mmc for their research.

So where 3-MMC buying is possible. Where to buy 3-MMC?

If you want to buy research chemicals, you can call on RCT.

There you are assured of the best and purest 3mmc in Europe.


You also know for sure that what’s in your shopping cart will be shipped with a fast delivery.

It is important that you buy your chemical from the correct research chemical webshop.

However, not all online stores guarantee the quality of their products and the anonymity of their customers.


Fortunately, you can come to RCT for pure products with a 100% guarantee of anonymous processing of data.

The fastest and most competitively priced RC webshop in the Netherlands, RCT.

What does 3-MMC do? Where to buy 3-MMC?

This research chemical is being abused by humans as a designer drug.

People abuse this research chemical because it inhibits norepinephrine.

This is due to the monoamine transports substrate in 3mmc.


The dopaminergic and serotonergic show more activity due to the formula c11h15no.

This gives abusers a pleasant effect.


However, it seems that because of the g mol c11h15no the sex is very good.

The designer drug works for about 1 to 1.5 hours.

Users report a lot, such as that this mild mind-altering agent has a mind-altering effect. This is also called a light consciousness-altering

Many users mention positive effects, but negative effects can also occur.

There may be negative effects such as physical effects. physical effects Like palpitations, increased heart rate are not positive effects. And users report a dry mouth, in addition to a dry mouth, you can also get large pupils. Big pupils just like with most drugs. Purple knees are also reported. But purple knees don’t really occur with other drugs

Users feel happy when users take, but sometimes users don’t feel happy when these users take.

Prolonged use may cause respiratory irritation. That is with long-term use and frequent use.

There can be a strong craving for this new psychoactive substance when this designer drug wears off. A strong desire to reuse is recognizable.

Frequent use can cause respiratory irritation. Where to buy 3MMC?

3 mmc may cause eye irritation by direct eye contact.

We therefore hope that people think about the risks before they abuse drugs.

All abusers are at risk.


3 mmc can cause irritation on direct contact with the penis or vagina.

So don’t put it in your friend’s anus either

So always be careful when doing your research.

3mmc and 4mmc are both not intended for human consumption.

We therefore only sell it for research purposes.

You can buy the best and purest 3-MMC per gram discreetly and quickly on RCT!

Buy high quality 3-MMC on the internet

The Research Chemicals Team is where buying 3mmc is best.

You can buy the purest and most competitively priced 3-MMC per gram on RCT!

It is known that 3-mmc is not suitable for human consumption.

You can buy different cas numbers per gram from us.


In addition to high-quality purification products, reliability is our top priority.

The quality of our products exceeds the quality of other providers on the web. Always store your chemicals under good storage conditions, so you can maintain the quality of your product. Always keep this in a dry place.

Buy your 3-MMC quickly, safely and reliably at:

Where buying 3-MMC is safe. Where to buy 3 MMC?

You can buy the 3-MMC formula in powder form on the RCT page.

There you can order a single gram for the best price on the web.


You just need to add the product you want to your shopping cart and check out.

Then it is a matter of entering your address details and paying via 1 of the many payment options that we offer.

On average, the delivery of 3-MMC takes 2 to 3 working days within the Netherlands.


Orders from abroad take an average of 7 working days to arrive.

Where buying 3-MMC is safe and reliable, the RCT site! That is easy to order and competitively priced!

3-MMC formula for research only

Order 3-MMC for research purposes only, it is not intended for human consumption!

Keep that in mind when ordering 3-MMC.

The material mmc 3 is available per gram but also per kilo.

All our research chemicals products are lab tested by chemists.



Waar 3-Mmc Kopen


Where to buy 3 mmc?

The longer term effects of 3-MMC

By thoroughly exposing 3-mmc to scientific testing.

Have researchers been able to find out what the molecular structure of 3 Methylmethcathinone is, and what it does during research.

In addition, we do not know what the reactions of this molecule are.


This is important because little is known about this research chemical and other chemicals.

Therefore, order the product only for research.

How do you handle chemicals responsibly?

First, it is important to maintain the quality of your chemicals that you keep them in a tightly closed container.

In addition, these chemicals such as 3-MMC can cause respiratory irritation as well as eye irritation.

If you have inadvertently inhaled this substance, we recommend that you adopt a position that facilitates breathing.

If you get these chemicals such as 3-MMC in your eye, just rinsing gently with water is enough to clean your eyes and remove any contact lenses if you are wearing them.

If this substance gets on your hands, washing with soap is enough to get your hands clean. Continue to rinse with water.

If a victim becomes unwell, seek medical advice immediately and let the affected person rest and move to fresh air.

We are a specialized company that sells the best research chemicals on the market. With us you are assured of a fast delivery and we offer the best price for our products.


Order the 3-MMC separately in grams or per ounce in powder form:

High-quality research chemicals at the best price in the Benelux! Where to buy 3-MMC

Where to buy 3mmc is legal. Where to buy 3-mmc?

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Cookies, privacy and where to buy 3 mmc

Buying 3mmc from the RCT webshop is easy.

The site uses cookies for marketing purposes.

We will never use your private information when buying 3 mmc.

Send our customer service an email if you want us to delete data.


We store our customer data in a PGP – this is via an SSL encryption method.

By applying this method, we can confirm that our customer base is safe for buying 3-MMC.

SSL Cookie in combination with PGP encryption, ensures the most security when buying 3-MMC.

Where to buy 3-mmc?



Waar 3-Mmc Kopen?


Where to buy 3-mmc?

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