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What is 3MMC ?

3mmc also known as 3m or cat is a new psychoactive substance that is usually sold in a crystal-like white powder.

3mmc was first found in Sweden in 2012 and was made as a designer drug.

Wat Is 3Mmc

What are new psychoactive substances?

A new psychoactive substance is a collective name for a group of new drugs, also called NPS.

This includes research chemicals, smart drugs, designer drugs and herbal highs.

These substances are usually synthetic but can also be vegetable.

Many of these substances are equivalent to the drugs known, but this chemical structure is built slightly differently to be legally available.

The Dutch government is therefore also working on the law, and it is therefore continuously being adapted by the government with the aim of banning these substances in one go.

Because 3-mmc is becoming increasingly popular, it will be treated in the second chamber in 2021.

After a ban on a particular NPS, drug manufacturers make a small chemical modification that changes the chemical compound, creating a new legal designer drug.

Because NPS has not been used for a long time as a ‘legal drug’, there is still relatively little research into the risks and consequences.

People who use this anyway play for their own guinea pig.

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Wat Is 3Mmc

What is 3mmc and how does it work?

3mmc (3-methylmethcathinone) is an amphetamine-like substance that is similar in effect to 4mmc, also known as meow.

3mmc is a stimulant and entactogenic new drug.

Even though 3-mmc resembles 4-mmc, this does not mean that the effects and risks are the same.

3-mmc is closely related in structure to the illegal drug mephedrone and is illegal in most other countries.

3-mmc is a fairly new substance that has become increasingly well-known in recent years.

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Wat Is 3Mmc

What is the function of 3-mmc?

3-mmc has a slightly mind-altering and stimulating effect.

People who use this medicine as a drug feel:

  • euphoric
  • alert
  • energetic
  • more need to talk
  • more confidence

Physical effects:

  • increase in blood pressure
  • big pupils
  • teeth grinding
  • tensioned muscles
  • feeling tired after working out
  • increased libido
  • sweating

The risks and negative effects of human consumption of 3-mmc:

  • restlessness headache
  • nausea
  • more need to take more
  • addiction
  • palpitations
  • dehydration
  • dry mouth
Wat Is 3Mmc

What is addiction and what can users feel?

Addiction means that someone can no longer do without a certain stimulant, such as drugs.

People are often aware that it is bad, but the craving or strong urge for the substance takes the upper hand.

Wanting to use changes into having to, because you no longer feel and think you can do without it, so people who use drugs for fun can also become addicted.

In addition, addiction is a brain disease, one of which is more sensitive than the other because every human body is constructed differently.

Most users who, for example, use cocaine or 3-mmc indicate that they feel more self-confidence and other nice feelings until it wears off, then the craving comes and this gets heavier.

In this way, users increasingly want more in a shorter period of time and start looking for a new dose.

What do users experience when taking 3-mmc?

Users of 3-mmc as a drug say that the effect feels like a combination between cocaine and MDMA.

Like other drugs, 3-mmc can lead to a strong urge to take more and more.

Because this NPS belongs to the groups of designer drugs and because little research has been done into the long-term risks, people are at risk with the use of 3-mmc.

As with other drugs, people can be prone to addiction to the designer drug 3-mmc.

Wat Is 3Mmc

The dangers of human consumption of 3-mmc

One of the dangers of 3-mmc when used as a drug is that the effect goes away after 1.5 hours, after which users say they get cold and want a new dose.

Because little research has been done into the use of 3-mmc about the consequences and its combination with other drugs or designer drugs, the risks are high.

What is known according to users are, for example, heart palpitations and nausea.

Wat Is 3Mmc

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Wat Is 3Mmc

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