Wat zijn Designer Drugs

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Verschillende Designer Drugs

What are Designer Drugs

Summary about Designer Drugs

The chemical structure of new psychoactive substances (nps) are also known as designer drugs.

These drugs are not banned like other drugs on the market.

In the Netherlands, these drugs are not included in the Opium Act; therefore, the law says that Research chemicals are legal.

These drugs are not forbidden in the Netherlands.

We are going to explain you thoroughly about the different interesting aspects of Designer Drugs.

Experimenting With New Psychoactive Substances


  • What are designer drugs
  • How do designer drugs work?
  • What are designer drugs used for?
  • Research Chemicals only for research purposes
  • What types of Research chemicals are there?
  • What are the risks and benefits?
  • Where should you avoid buying Research chemicals?
  • Where should you avoid buying Research chemicals?
  • Where should you buy Research chemicals?
  • Other questions on new psychoactive substances (nps)

What are Designer Drugs?

The effects of Designer Drugs are still unknown.

And that is why it is important that they are still freely available.

How do Designer Drugs work?

The Research Drugs that we offer are primarily for ‘drug information’.

These Research chemicals are synthesized for the purpose of research and not for abuse by drug users.

The trade in them, according to the law, is legal, but little is known about it.

According to the Trimbos Institute, designer drugs are not forbidden on the market.

And are mostly used to make illegal drugs like: XTC (mdma), LSD, speed, amphetamines, cannabis, opium, heroin and other illegal drugs.

And are often used to replace illegal drugs such as.

That is actually not the purpose of Research chemicals.

What are Designer Drugs for?

These new psychoactive substances (nps) are legal according to the Opium Act.

Despite this, designer drugs, and their psychoactive effects, are difficult to identify.

This duality sometimes makes it difficult to investigate designer drugs as potential medicines in the Netherlands.

Because they are the only drugs which can be used in the Netherlands.

Because they are available in many corners and caverns of the internet.

The risks are not yet well discovered and therefore not a clear part of the Trimbos instuut for information.

This website is not meant for the circumvention of illegal drug production or trade.

We are here to help you.

We are here to investigate and reduce the risks to the heart, behavior, brain, etc.

This website is not intended to circumvent illegal drug production or trade.

We are here to investigate and reduce the risks to the heart, behavior, brain, etc.

This website is not intended to circumvent illegal drug production or trade.


Research Chemicals intended solely for research purposes

At the moment, Research Chemicals are also called legal highs.

The new psychoactive (nps) substances hereby bypass the Opium Act. And fortunately so.

It is therefore not forbidden to possess or distribute Research Chemicals.

The new psychoactive substances (nps) bypass the Opium Act.

This makes it better for mapping out possible narcotic effects.

And in general to check the effect of these, not prohibited, substances in the laboratory.

It is also possible to have a research chemical in the laboratory.

More often than not the drug has a stimulating effect on the brain.

So designer drugs are at least still available in the Netherlands for research purposes.

What kinds of research chemicals are there?

Little is known yet about Designer Drugs, new psychactive substances (nps) or Research chemicals, but here it is:

(Despite the relative obscurity of the operation are all designer drugs in the laboratory after checking.)

Check out our Designer Drugs offers here:

There are currently a great many different kinds of RCs available.

New products are added every month, therefore it is impossible for us to offer all RCs.

Where better not to buy a Designer Drug?

Though these new psychoactive substances (nps) are not banned substances, I do recommend thinking carefully about the source from which you order them.

Like (difficult to obtain) real drugs: Cocaine, cannabis, amphetamine (speed), mdma (ecstasy) or opium.

Can lead to an effect of nausea, a euphoric effect or other unwanted effect when used incorrectly.

Wherefore prevention, in use of such a “designer drug substance,” is better than cure.

Examples are: 3 mmc, 4 fa, 2c b.

For research purposes, you want these designer drugs to be as pure as possible. is and always will be a good source for that.

Where better to buy a Designer Drug?

To avoid poor quality new psychoactive drug (nps) we recommend using a regular supplier.

Our “new drugs”, such as: 4 fa, 3 mmc, benzo fury follow the thinking of our chemists.

And that thinking is: “The new drug is the new drug.

In our chemicals there is our heart, passion and soul.

We have our (nps) made with precision and each substance used is pure.

We are therefore able to increase our costs.

Our costs are therefore sometimes high. But that is necessary in the production of high quality designer drugs.

We also use a strict monitoring system, so the quality, without exception, remains guaranteed.

More questions about new psychoactive substances (nps):

  • Legality and its chemical structure?
  • Risk reduction?
  • Long term effect
  • Costs?

Legality and its chemical structure?

Some (nps) substance, such as 3-mmc are actively equivalent to cocaine and xtc.

There are many anecdotal stories that find the substance a combination of mdma and cocaine.

We prefer not to make this comparison. Because such a substance, as 3-mmc or fa 4 / 4 fa (4-fluoramphetamine), still has to be researched.

It is not legal to do so.

Despite the legality, we recommend against any form of use.

And if we are aware that our research chemicals are being misused.

Maybe this will result in a sales ban because of the possible risks involved in self-experimentation.

So basically we are relying on our customers not to treat (nps) like illegal drugs.

Risk reduction?

Prevention is better than cure. So despite that wrong use of eg: 4 fa.

Maybe it can not be prevented. We would like to point out the following:

Do you use multiple designer drugs (nps) in combination with, for example:

Alcohol, opium, ecstasy, cannabis, cocaine or other substances.

Please consider the webpage of the Trimbos Institute or the ‘Psychonaut wiki’.

Long-term effect?

On the long term effects is still little known.

What is mostly known is that the effects prove to be much less harmful than illegal drugs.

In comparison with xtc and cocaine, for example, 3-MMC has proven to be much less harmful.

This has been tested.

This has been tested in the neurons of various animal species, such as mice, lab rats and several species of primates.

These tests are reliable because they are based on the fact that the effects of the drug are less harmful.

These tests are reliable because this type of neurological cells are almost identical in humans.


To keep the costs as low as possible, we work closely with our own chemists.

Also the raw materials are regularly and randomly tested to objectively deliver the best quality.

Furthermore, because it is not an illegal substance like: xtc or opium, these new drugs are also cheaper and safer to produce.

It is usually the case that illigalizing is counterproductive to the price, quality and control of any product.

Because the forbidden fruit tastes better. Fortunately, we offer a product that is ready to be tested.

Every individual or lab can order free from us, because the trade is legal, and test for it freely.

By our knowledge and strength we are always a step ahead of our competition and always guarantee the right quality and price ratio.

Chemists Testing New Drugs

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